Sunshine Blogger Award Tag

Following are ten GREAT questions from Marian @ClassicsConsidered for the Sunshine Blogger Award/Tag:

1. If you go back and read one book for the first time again, which would it be?

Don Quixote. It was the first book on the WEM novel list, and I could not believe I was about to read this intimidating classic. And yet, I drank it in and it opened the door to my new way of reading deeply and appreciating literature, like the way a newborn baby experiences everything for the first time. I will never have that unique initial reading experience ever again.  It really changed my life.

2. Do you eat ice cream, and if so, what is your favorite flavor?

Butter pecan

3. What was the most memorable event or concert you ever attended? 

EVENT: Lalapalooza at the Santa Fe Dam in Los Angeles, 1993. I actually enjoyed Tool, Fishbone, Luscious Jackson, and Rage Against the Machine. I am still shocked at myself! 

CONCERT: Billy Joel at the Pond (Honda Center) in Anaheim, 1993. A girlfriend and I had the crappiest seats in the house. Before the show, we despondently walked around the arena to check things out when we were approached by two employees of Billy Joel. They asked us if we had great seats; we laughed and told them no. Then they offered to swap our tickets for two second row stage seats. "Billy Joel likes to reserve the first two rows for women," they told us. My friend was wisely reluctant, in case it was a scam, but after they showed us their credentials, we took the tickets. We had the best seats in the house. Halfway through the show, all of us were up against the stage where I literally reached out and grabbed the leg of one of my most favorite musicians ever. 

4. What do you like best about yourself?

My conviction. It is most difficult to live with, but I can no longer live without it. I'd rather live with conviction than be a conformist in order to be accepted by the world. 

5. Is there a book you would never, ever read?

Anything by the Obamas. 

I also would not delve into any of these trendy anti-racist books fashionably read in 2020, to promote the convenient racist ideology against white people; however, maybe one day, when the world runs out of excellent literature, I may want to critique one; but right now I would not waste my time. 

6. Second-best way to spend a rainy day? (Reading is the best, right?)

Organizing my books. 

7. Cats or dogs?

Either. We had adopted a beautiful rag doll cat in 2001, though she is no longer with us. We called her Kitty and sometimes Freedom because it was soon after September 11 when she joined our family.

And now we have a blue Frenchie. My family often begged for a dog, and I always told them no. In 2016, I finally relented and said, "OK, if Trump wins the election, we can get a dog." (It was like, "When pigs fly...") Well, I had to keep my word, but Frenchies are expensive. It wasn't until 2018 that he was given to us as a gift, and now we have the best little addition to our family. His name is Dodger. As in, L.A.

8. Best pizza topping combo?

Cheese and more cheese. 

9. If you could recommend one fictional book, what would it be?

Right now? 1984. (Though 1984 could very well be non-fiction.)

10. Earliest reading memory?

When I was five, I read Dick and Jane books. I was so proud of myself the day I was able to read them to myself. 

11. What’s something you’re looking forward to this year?

Honestly...whatever opportunities God provides for me to be of service to others.


Now I am supposed to tag others and offer a new set of questions, but Marian's questions are great, and I think, if you want to participate, you should answer hers. Consider yourself tagged.


  1. Awww, what fun concert/event memories you have!

    You can have all the butter pecan ice cream in the world, and welcome to it.

    Now I want pizza. With extra cheese. May have to rethink supper plans :-D

    1. Those were some great concert day. Glad I had them.

      I take it you do not like butter pecan??

    2. No, I don't like it. My mom really does, and she'd buy some once in a while and I just... no. I don't like pecan pie either, though I like pecans in other things.

    3. Well, I hear ya! I NEVER had pecan pie before, but this year, someone made a version of pecan pie that wasn't like pecan pie, but like something else, and I tried it and really liked it. Otherwise, I never touched pecan pie.

  2. OK, you may well have talked me into giving Don Quixote a shot. I’m 62, have an advanced degree, but have been completely intimidated by this one.

    And I’m completely jealous of your concert experience!

    1. The great thing about DQ is that is is actually easy reading, though very intimidating bc of its size. The chapters are really manageable and can be read as their own little episodes. I think the biggest problem people have w/ DQ is that they expect a major plot when there really isn't one. It's an adventure novel w/ themes and a moral, but nothing heavy. Another problem is that people become annoyed by DQ's rudeness, esp. towards Sancho. But don't feel badly about Sancho bc he is just as sarcastic and can take care of his own.

    2. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Your Frenchie is so cuuuute!! And what a cool concert experience. Fun reading all your answers! :D

    Also, I'm really glad to hear that about Don Quixote. I've never read it, but I'm joining an Instagram readalong of it next month, hoping that some reading buddies will help me make it through. :)

    1. Hey, Marian...how exciting to be reading DQ, and with a group. Maybe crunchycon (above) should read along with you guys. How long do you plan to read DQ? Just one month? And are you reading both parts 1&2? Best of success to you, and I can't wait to see what you think.

  4. Rage against the Machine? XD That's unexpected! I like a few of their pieces for exercise music, but that's about it. Butter pecan ice cream is scrumptious, but it's hard to go wrong with any flavor of ice cream. :)

    1. I know, right? I was very rebellious in my youth. I think I agree w/ you on the flavor of ice cream.

  5. HI Ruth! I'm glad to see what you'd never ever read and the reasons for it. Sometimes I think I'm living in Alice Through the Looking Glass. I just got into an argument with a black woman (stupid, I know, but I couldn't help it.) I asked her why she was so joyful and proud of this present election and her reasons were basically because Kamala Harris is black.

    1. Ugh. It's the same w/ Obama. And yet many people came away disillusioned and disappointed in what he did or rather what he DIDN'T do for them.

      Here's the thing: our government and our nation are too BIG! If Harris could do anything for the black community, she would be better off working w/ grassroots or in the community itself. Being in the executive isn't going to help the black community at all. In fact, she's in a special elite class now. She's in with the big boys and girls -- our federal government -- who are so far removed from the people, and even more so, the little people. But the little people don't understand this.

      The best kind of government is the smallest government, closest to the people. Harris is only going to be another disappointment, especially for the black community bc they only need them when it comes to working for the democrat party to get them elected. Once elected, they move on to pet projects, like making government bigger. And their first big project is going to be pandering to the illegal Hispanic community bc THEY are the future of America and they all need to be registered to vote democrat by the next election. That's how much race matters in America.

      Sorry, had to rant. Drives me crazy!

    2. I do enjoy your rants because it gives me a perspective from a person instead of the nightly news who is always going for shock value and has an agenda.

      I could care less what colour anyone is. If they are a good human being, with good values and a good work ethic that's wonderful no matter what they look like. Do you remember our Hunger of Memory read? Didn't Richard Rodriguez refuse scholarships or money or something that he felt was given to him simply because he was Hispanic instead of it being given based on his merits? There's someone one can respect.

      I really feel badly for the U.S. We don't have the best government but so far it's still sane up here for the most part. But I have been very surprised at how easily people are swayed with very poor arguments. It's quite disturbing.

    3. Cleo, I agree: humans are drawn to one another by values, worldviews, principles, and the like. Most of us know when we meet a bad seed, and they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. But the trend in America now is: if you are white, you are automatically marked, and you can't say thinks like, "I don't see color, or I don't care about color." They want you to believe that you are naturally racist. You can do all the penance you want, but it won't help you. It's really sad bc white people are buying into it and living w/ a ton of guilt.

      Yes, Richard Rodriguez did reject the catering to minority status with affirmative action, which took courage. Our government designed those programs out of guilt and they are now about to go full monty on pushing race and gender and other special cases for government programs and other tax money. It will take a ton of courage (like Rodriguez had) for people to reject these enticing handouts and other unfair practices based solely on outward appearances in business, education, and government. :(