The 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

Hamlette @ The Edge of the Precipice tagged me for this Christmas Book Tag, and I thought I'd give it a try WITH A TWIST. I only used books from The Little House series (of which there are only eleven, and I duplicated one of the books for one of the prompts). So here is what I came up with, and I added a quote for supporting evidence:

1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree -- book that involves agriculture: Farmer Boy 

A farmer depends on himself, and the land and the weather. You work hard, but you work as you please, and no man can tell you to go or come. You'll be free and independent, son, on a farm. 

2. Turtledoves -- book about a long-lasting relationship: Little House on the Prairie (It's a joy to witness the playful relationship between Charles and Caroline Ingalls throughout the series.)

You look like a wild man, Charles, Ma said. You're standing your hair all on end.

It stands on end, anyway, Caroline, Pa answered. When I was courting you, it never would lie down, no matter how much I slicked it with bear grease. 

 3. French Hens -- book that takes place in France: The Long Winter (Well, it's not France, but...)

Ma looked sharply at Laura and asked, "Is the work too hard for her, Charles?"

 "Oh, no! She's as stout as a little French horse. She's been a great help," said Pa.

4. Calling Birds -- book where people talk on the phone: West From Home (Before phones, there was letter writing, and Laura did a lot of it while in San Francisco visiting Rose.)

 Manly Dear,

I wish you were here. Half the fun I lose because I am all the time wishing for you. 

5. Golden Rings -- book with multiple romances: These Happy Golden Years (A coming of age story is never complete without lots of courting.)

"Who is that young man?"

Laura exclaimed, "What young man?"

That you were talking with, when I came," he said.

 Mary burst out laughing, "Now don't be jealous of Laura's uncle!" she said.

Mary Power was still laughing so hard that Laura turned, just in time to see Cap snatch a hairpin from Mary's knot of hair.

"Suppose you pay some attention to me," Cap said to Mary.  

6. Geese A-laying -- book with a birth or that features babies: The First Four Years


See your little daughter, Laura! A beautiful  baby, and she weighs eight pounds, Ma said.

It's a fine girl you are yourself, Mrs. Power said. A fine, brave girl, and baby'll be good because of it.

7. Swans A-swimming -- book where someone goes swimming: On the Banks of Plum Creek 

Suddenly, deep down in the water, something grabbed her foot. The thing jerked, and down she went into the deep water. Water filled her ears and her eyes and her mouth. 

Then her head came out of the water close to Pa's head. "Well, young lady," Pa said, "you went out too far, and how did you like it?"

Laura could not speak.

"You heard Ma tell you to stay close to the bank," said Pa. "Why didn't you obey her? You deserved a ducking, and I ducked you. Next time you'll do as you're told." 

8. Maids A-milking -- book with cows: On the Way Home (Every book could be used for this prompt, but after being without a home for so long, it was nice to finally settle down in Missouri and have a cow again.)
Oh, now that we had the cow, we'd have a treat for Sunday supper, French toast with that wild honey, to surprise my father. How wonderful it was to have a cow again. 
9. Ladies Dancing -- book with a dance scene: Little House in the Big Woods

Then Pa took his fiddle out of its box and began to play, and all the couples stood in squares on the floor and began to dance when Pa called the figures.

"Grand right and left!" Pa called out, and all the skirts began to swirl and all the boots began to stamp. The circles went round and round, all the skirts going one way and all the boots going the other way, and hands clasping and parting high up in the air.  

10. Lords A-leaping -- book about athletes: The Long Winter

Then a flashing grin lighted up his whole face and he threw the ball to her. She saw the ball curving down through the air, coming swiftly. Before she could think, she had made a running leap and caught it.

A great shout went up from the other boys. "Hey, Cap!" they shouted. "Girls don't play ball!"

"I didn't think she'd catch it," Cap answered.

"I don't want to play," Laura said. She threw back the ball. 

"She's as good as any of us!" Cap shouted.  

11. Pipers Piping -- book with someone playing a musical instrument: By the Shores of Silver Lake

"Now we are all snug," Pa said, "settled at last on our homestead. Bring me the fiddle, Laura, and we'll have a little music!"

Moonlight shone through the southern window and touched Pa's face and hands and the fiddle as the bow moved smoothly over the strings.  

12. Drummers Drumming -- book with characters in the military: Little Town on the Prairie (They weren't much of a military, but they were our minutemen, farmers, and patriots, ready to take on the British to  preserve liberty and independence and found a new nation.)

A few barefoot Americans had to fight the whole of them and lick 'em and they did fight them and they did lick them. Yes sir! We licked the British in 1776 and we licked 'em again in 1812, and we backed all the monarchies of Europe out of Mexico and off this continent less than twenty years ago, and by glory! Yessir, by Old Glory right here, waving over my head, any time the despots of Europe try to step on America's toes, we'll lick 'em again!"


Now it's your turn. Want to give it a try? Consider yourself tagged. 



  1. I loved the books of this series when I was a kid, and honestly if I had my heart's desire it would involve a little house in some big woods, with no neighbors but the deer! I'll give this one a shot in a few. :)

    1. Oh, yeah! I'd kinda love that, too. We all have Charles Ingalls' heart about "moving west" when it got "too crowded" where we were living. :D

  2. This is an awesome tag, and I love your Little House twist. All of those memories are perfect. I'm going to have a go at this 12 Days of Christmas tag too. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. What a clever twist on this tag! I dig it. And all the illustrations are so perfect! I'm so glad you had fun with this :-)

  4. Most impressed that you got all the tags from one series of books!

  5. You did it - only a bit of a cheat on the French Hens verse - I was dubious you could pull it off. Nicely done.

    1. Hey, I thought the French horse reference was pretty close! LOL!

  6. How interesting. I've read all those books as some of the first I read in English. Lovely memory.

    Have a happy Christmas.

    1. That's so awesome!

      Thank you, and Merry Christmas!