November 2020

Have you ever had to do something you absolutely did not want to do, but HAD no choice, and thence you put on a good face - a fraudulent smile - for the sake of others, but in your gut knew it was utterly unnatural and even made you nauseous?

Yes, it is still 2020. And we all have to.


Last September, my girls experienced their first live 5-day YouTube dance recitals at a large church, while family and friends watched from the safety of their homes on their electronic devices. The makeshift dance floor the studio had constructed for the dancers was too slippery for tap or pointe shoes, and many girls slipped while dancing, and some lost their feet from under them. To counter the issue, the teachers overcorrected with various methods, causing the floor to be too sticky, whereas  numerous dancers had ballet shoes stolen directly off their feet, as they continued dancing in stockinged feet while their shoes remained fastened to the floor. Thankfully, everyone was laughing.



I totally blame the California governor for the awkward complications, but we all went along with it and kept applauding.

November is the time my girls prepare for live Nutcracker performances for December, though it won't happen this year because gathering is still not permitted in California. Therefore, the studio is concocting a performance someplace, and it will be recorded and made available to families thereafter. 

Today, in fact, my son is finally having his "spring piano recital," originally scheduled for last April. His instructor has been doing Zoom lessons with her students since March and has decided their recital will also be via Zoom. Family and friends can tune in and watch. So that is today. 


Let me get this out of the way lest I be thought an ostrich with her head in the sand. Yes, I understand about the virus. Last month I know someone whose husband died because of it. Also, my friend and her daughter got it. They recovered at home, but my friend ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia. They gave her hydroxychloriquine and sent her home the next morning. She said she should have not spent so much time inactive while she had Covid because, she believes, it is what brought on her pneumonia. I know one young man who is still testing positive after six months! He is depressed because he has been quarantined for so long and cannot be reunited with his wife. He's well, but he's stuck in Florida, unable to go anywhere, and he won't be able to until he gets a negative test. So absolutely strange! 

I know others, too, who have tested positive, but all have recovered at home, except my uncle back in NY. His granddaughter, a nurse, exposed via Covid patients, brought it home and infected her father, brother, and grandparents.  What concerned us all was his co-morbidities: age, weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoker, cancer, and beginning stages of COPD. On paper, my uncle should not have survived. And this was back in April when they were intubating everyone and killing them. Instead, thank God, they put him on oxygen and administered hydroxychloriquine. After twelve days, he tested negative and went home. He gave all the glory to God. 


My point is, I know this virus is out there and it is spreading very easily. However, we know so much more about it now, how to care for severe patients if they end up in doctor's care or even a hospital. Therefore, hospitals are no longer threatened to full capacity, nor are deaths looming. People are mainly recovering at home, to start, and if they need care, we know better how to help them survive it. 

I'm will go out on a limb and say Covid has reached levels of seasonal flu; but even better, at least so far, children and young people, especially healthy people, have shown themselves to be extremely resilient to Covid, whereas seasonal flu does not discriminate. 

Of course, this does not diminish the pain people have from the loss of loved ones because of Covid, but we need to use reason, and we've been living extremely unreasonably for far too long. It is taking its toll. 

But, we're all fine. Keep smiling...behind your mask, if you wear one. 


I will admit that I am shocked and disappointed about the U.S. presidential election. I am sure there are often shenanigans during elections, but I never believe it is enough to make a difference in either direction. However, this year, many states vied for mail-in ballots -- never tried before! In fact, our governor swiftly and executively decided every actively registered voter was going to vote by mail regardless, and he proceeded to mail out millions and millions of ballots months ago. He did not stop to evaluate the ramifications of what he was doing. Suddenly, copycat governors followed suit. What has resulted is an unconvincing presidential election with so many disparities; it's insulting! America's incompetent election process is fundamentally Third-world. 


I said I am disappointed -- yes...because Trump was not reelected, but more so with Americans. I misjudged them. This election was a fight between explicit polarizing ideas: 

personal liberty, self-government, pro-Americanism, and anti-Marxist/technocratic globalism 


limited personal liberty, big federal tyranny/dictatorship, anti-Americanism and pro-Marxist/technocratic globalism. 

Trump attracted hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic Americans who organized their own car and boat Trump parades, also by the thousands, each weekend, which you can look up because I am not going to describe them here. Yet the guy Americans really wanted spent more time in his basement, barely raked in 25 masked supporters at a time to his sparse rallies, who dutifully sat in circles marked out six-feet apart, or remained in their cars honking their approval, and clearly has mental deterioration. But ok. I'm convinced. Even if you say what we all suspect, that it wasn't him Americans chose but his running mate, and she is hardly known or very likable. She is worse than Hillary Clinton. 


Well, let's be honest: the ideas matter, and that is what is disheartening. Apart from the violent anarchist faction that is raging, ultimately seeking an end to law and order and eventually America, there are more people who prefer to be taken care of by a dictator-like authority mandating what is best for ourselves, our families, and especially our children. You may ask what is wrong with that. It is the threat that follows, removing all self-government and personal responsibility. 

We are moving away from preserving the Foundational American principles to instituting federally-mandated personal behavior, with penalty for those who do not comply. This is the direction of America each time we elect a Democrat, whose party, by the way, is being altered by radical Marxist/technocratic ideologies now more than ever. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already collecting names and addresses of Trump supporters - labeling it the "enemies list." She literally is Stalin in red lipstick. 

Don't think this is the direction of America? You are not paying attention. We are gratefully, for some,  moving away from our Founding principles. This is a grave rejection of all that was good and right in government. For now, all I can do is grab my popcorn and watch the coming implosion. (Though I am paying attention and doing what I must.)

Grin, and bare it. 


For example, I have left Twitter, and now I am done with Facebook. If ever there is a way to taste  Communism (just a taste), it is social media, which is like voluntary Communism. Are you tired of the promotion of one-sided views and opinions? Tired of the blatantly biased fact-checking? (Orwell didn't even imagine fact-checking.) Say the wrong thing, share the wrong story, have an opinion? Think the wrong thought? Gone! You can't do that, and they have the power to shut you up or remove content, as if it never existed. They can even remove you, too, along with your means of income.


If you value liberty, freedom of speech, ideas, and thought, you cannot in your right mind tolerate such overreach, which is why I cut myself off. And maybe that is what they want, but truly, we never needed social media before. It is a cancer we can live without. 

And well, I'm not grinning about this.


I said I was paying attention and doing what I must, and if you've been to my homeschool blog, you know my family is trying to escape California, which is like a smaller replica of what America is set to be if we do not check the coming destruction (which is inevitable). California prides itself on leading the way. (That should be the state motto.) We have a dictator for a governor. For example, he just outlawed gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Again, there he goes making decisions without care for the ramifications. But I digress. 

So my husband had an interview for a company based in Round Rock, Texas. An actual bite! His interview "went well," and he had two more interviews. It was so exciting! However, it has been two weeks since he has received any feedback, and it has been a heavy burden on his mind. 

Back to the drawing board, unless we hear more from this company. We are prepared to be ready for when or if God calls us to move. That's all we can do. 


Life goes on. I will continue homeschooling, going to church, and trying to raise up Christians. I'll keep praying and reading my Bible, preparing for my Savior, pursuing and sharing His Truth. I know I am in good company, so many like-minded people...we could start our own nation (I wish). And we know the battle is a spiritual one, between good and evil, that has been raging since the beginning of Creation. We also know who wins!

Lastly, I had lost interest in intentional reading over recent months, but I think a renewed desire has finally returned. I look forward to exploring new lives and worlds and ideas. And I hope to write more extensively about it all. 

Overall, I know I am blessed. I am grateful. 

And I have no reason not to genuinely smile about that.


  1. Nothing to add, but I want you to know that I’m out here. I hear you. And Inagree with you. Good luck to your husband with the Texas job. Sometimes these decisions take time. If not, the right job will come along, I know from experience.

    1. Thank you. And yes, I agree. God knows what is best for us, and if he wants us to relocate to TX, he'll provide a way.

  2. Hey! Glad to see you back. For a few weeks I was receiving an error message whenever I tried to visit. I wasn't happy with either electoral possibility -- I regard Trump, for whatever his few virtues (non-intervention being first and foremost among them), as an irresponsible con-man. Biden might bring marinally competent people back into DC, but I'm of the mindset that the more DC does, the worse we are. If Biden tries to inflict national lockdowns, this nation of blind cattle will deserve what it gets.

    1. That makes me really sad to think we may have a president pushing national lockdowns (and/or a national mask mandate). I don't want an overreaching tyrannical king. I already have one for a governor. However, I agree...the people deserve what they clamored for. :(

  3. Ruth, I'm always inspired by your updates. I'm glad your daughters and son were still able to do their recitals!

    The overreach of social media / big tech is insane. I can hardly use YouTube or Instagram without being bombarded with certain opinions, baked into the apps themselves. Thankfully, there are still independent thinkers on both platforms, so far.

    The election isn't over yet. I'm pretty pessimistic about our future regardless of the final outcome. Oregon just legalized hard drugs, and I'm sure Washington will follow suit as we usually do. *facepalm* Needless to say, we're thinking about moving again.

    Has your husband reached out to the company? It probably can't hurt at this point, and three interviews is a really good sign. Your family is in my prayers - I'm hoping for better opportunities to come your way.

    1. Thank you, Marian.

      I am beginning to see the biases on Instagram, too. :(

      Don't you hate it when states copycat their neighbors? I saw that about Oregon. California's gotta be right behind. We already give needles out to our homeless. I'm sure there's a heroine program somewhere in there. I know San Fran. is really bad, but today in Los Angeles, I could not believe how disgusting they have permitted it to get. The homelessness and graffiti is everywhere, and they leave it the way it is. There is no recourse.

      When my husband went to other countries and would fly into LAX, he said it was such a stark comparison. Airports and major cities in Europe and especially Asia are at least kept clean.

      So where are you thinking about moving? Another city or out of state?

      My husband did email his contact person last week to check on an update, but he hasn't heard back.

      Thank you for praying -- I appreciate that!

    2. Ah yeah, the cities are reallyyy bad. We drove through Seattle a couple months ago, and I couldn't believe how much worse the homelessness had got since last year. It was heartbreaking that people are allowed to live in such terrible conditions. I know there are some who may want to, but I feel there's got to be a compassionate solution that is not letting this continue on (which is really the opposite of loving!).

      We're looking into other states, though nothing concrete at this point. :) I'd definitely like to visit Texas.

    3. I feel the same way about our homelessness. In many cases, where mental illness is the issue, and many have no one in their family that may want to or are capable of housing them, then they should be in special institutions to keep them off the street, where they can get medicine, mental care, food, showers, and a bed. And seriously, they should not be permitted to live on the street. It's not fair to those who need to work and run a business either. I think we've permitted it to get so out of hand that our cities are hand tied.

  4. Amen...I'll pray that your husband will get the right job, right time, right place. Grace and Peace!

  5. I always enjoy your well-reasoned and insightful thoughts, Ruth, even when I don't agree with you, but in this case we do, even though I admit I don't have a great sense of the American political scene. It seems as if your average person just wants someone who can word-spin, give hand-outs and the practical aspects of what they do matter less. And people seem like they are in attack mode, whatever the circumstance. People get so emotional and bent-out-of-shape about Trump here in Canada, which I think is over the top. Even if he was the worse person in the world, he was in for a term; I would have approached it as "what can I learn from this?" instead of practicing increasing my blood pressure every day over things I couldn't control or change.

    As for COVID, we are now legislated that we can only have immediate family in our homes (people who live there), and sports are cancelled or reduced. We can also be fined up to $2,000 if we don't comply. That is with 167 people hospitalized out of a province of 5.1 million people. The news screams cases, cases, cases and panics everyone, yet they rarely speak about the hospitalizations other than giving a number. I suspect the majority are from care homes as we have numerous breakouts in care homes all over. Yet they haven't spoken of details or what they are doing to protect the elderly. And while we are being legislated to stay away from family outside our home, people are allowed to congregate like locusts in Costco and Home Depot and go to restaurants where people prepare your food without gloves. It's crazy.

    It's so weird that people are leaving states for other states. It reminds me of a third world country, like when the Vietnamese moved north and south (most went south) for political reasons. I do hope that your husband gets the job he wants and that you're able to live in an area that seem more free. Blessings to you!

    1. *worst* person ... 🙄


      That's what one gets when one rushes! lol!

    2. Thank you. We just found out that the company decided no, at this time, so it is back to the drawing board. I always like to think it is a great liberty to be able to uproot yourself and move to a different geographical location or climate whenever you want. That may change in the future.

      Yes, I think you are right that people are "out of shape" over things; it is like they take it personal if you disagree with them or don't share their opinion. And it is true that people just want hand outs -- I'd say half of Americans have forgotten what it means to be responsible, self-sufficient, resourceful, and independent -- basically, they no longer value their liberties. :(

      Oh, wow! (in response to your Covid cases -- 167 hospitalizations?) Obviously deaths have to be much less than that, too. Your restrictions are not justified, in my opinion. In California alone, we've SUPPOSEDLY (I don't believe anything anymore) had 18K deaths. I think we're a little over 40K pop.

      And same for us with the seniors in care centers being most vulnerable; many of them did not fare well, in the beginning especially. Now no one can visit with them, or if they do, it is terribly compromised.

      Until recently, we did not have family restrictions. Our governor is frantic about people not obeying him. Since we're still on lockdowns (except like you said, Costco, Home Depot, etc. and I'd add...PROTESTS) people are really getting together more often, having parties, and living it up. No one wants to live like this anymore. So our governor "ordered" (which he legally cannot) that all gatherings through the holidays are to be OUTSIDE, up to 3 households, and no more than two hours. He's so arrogant.

      I'm curious...do you guys have to wear masks?

    3. Sweden was very smart. They knew that you can only control mass amounts of people for so long and they tried to time their restrictions accordingly. The virus is going to go through the world population so I don't understand these "Stop Covid" slogans. In certain areas, where it's rampant, I do understand trying to slow it down so the medical system is not overwhelmed. I think we are very fortunate that it's not worse that it is. And with experience, doctors have learned how to treat it better. One stats site I watch originally had 5% of the cases being serious or critical but it went down to 1% in the first wave and stayed there. I still don't know anyone directly who has contracted it but I've heard through others that a couple of people who had a serious bout of it said they thought it was important to keep moving and that's how they got better quickly.

      We are instructed to wear masks but it's not legislated. However, some stores require them and will supply them, often U.S. based companies like Homesense and Home Depot, etc. but most people are masked now. It drives my nurse friends crazy as they say people don't know how to use them properly and that they're for single purpose only. So if you touch your mask, you should replace it with a new one; if you go from one store to another, you should replace it with a new one, etc. I can't imagine that the people who have designer masks (I see them all over) wash them even once per day. I do know some people who won't wear masks.

      I looked up our death stats from the Centre of Disease Control (you have to search for them because the media certainly is not giving them). It says: "In week 45, 13 deaths were recorded, an increase from week 44 (8) and about twice the week 43 tally (7) but half the first wave peak of 26 deaths in week 15. In week 45, 8/13 deaths were associated with a care facility outbreak and 11/13 were 70+ years old. Of 279 deaths in total in BC, about two-thirds (190) were associated with a care facility outbreak and 85% (237) were 70+ years." Interesting. I know around June they did say our mean age of death was 87 years old.

      Did your children go through Susan Wise Bauer's The Story of the World history books. If you have them, read her introduction to book 4, Modern history. It rings so true for these times!

    4. We aren't using The Story of the World, but I will look up to see if the introduction is available online.

      Same here...masks are not legislated in California, which I'm surprised. Our governor keeps pushing them and even told people to wear them while eating in a restaurant....WHILE EATING!!! Imagine that! He limited how many should gather in a home (no more than ten). THEN, last week, he was caught at a very expensive restaurant for a birthday party with some of the health officials. There were 12 of them (shoulder to shoulder) and NO ONE was wearing a mask. Someone took a picture. I will have to post it so I can show what a hypocrite our authorities are, and because they know the masks are a ploy.

      The nations' responses are a hoax, I believe, for a greater purpose in the world, specifically to control populations over environmental issues and to usher in a global authority.

      See The Great Barrington Declaration. So many doctors, healthcare professionals, scientists, and the like have joined in the say stop the lockdowns.

      Here is an international pathologist calling the whole thing a hoax: It's abuse of power!!!
      ARTICLE: https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/top-global-pathologist-coronavirus-is-the-greatest-hoax-ever-perpetrated/

      VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEo3rnU12jw&feature=emb_logo

      It's a sore spot with me because I know it is wrong and so many have fallen for it. :(

    5. P.S. I was able to read the Forward (I'm assuming that is what you mean about the Intro) of Book 4 Story of the World via Amazon.com. It was spot on. If we don't target the evil in our hearts, we will continue repeating the same cycle. Unfortunately, not all people are interested in doing what is right, and they usually have the "reins" of power. :(

    6. Our province has resisted mandating masks but just yesterday we have been told that we need to wear masks in all indoor public places. You can take them off when you eat or drink. And no one can meet with anyone outside their immediate family. Strangley, they are not requiring masks in schools.

      Since your post made me think about this, I went to the B.C. COVID graph and noticed they are graphing the pandemic in a way that's going to look the worst. Instead of graphing the daily cases and deaths, so you can see the stats logically (ie. if there are 5 deaths, the line goes up, if there are 2 deaths, the line goes down, etc.), they are graphing everything cumulatively, so everything is going up, up, up. If you don't know how to read graphs, it looks scary, but our deaths were actually much worse in the first wave than they are now (at least so far). It makes me wonder why they feel the need to graph they way they do .......

      Well, if it's not a hoax, if there's someone out there who wants to control masses of people, they certainly have had an education on how to do it!

      I'm glad you found the forward. I read it every few years, just as a reminder! :-)

    7. Yep, Cleo, they are recording the cumulative of positive cases everyday, and when the media tells you over 11 million have tested for Covid...if you don't think....it sounds like 11 million people NOW have covid. No, there (may have been) 11 million positive tests in the U.S. since January. It doesn't mean 11 million have covid or that 11 million have had covid. it means 11 million tests have (supposedly) come back positive. Consider there may have been multiple tests for one person, and there also are false positive tests, too; and consider that millions have since tested negative, and just as many are well, if they had symptoms. BUT, it just sounds really scary to say 11 MILLION! You want to make people comply? Scare the crap out of them. It works! And I'm sure many other nations are doing the same. :(