Unmasking the Mask

Up until Monday's Shutdown of the California Economy Part II, my biggest angst was the mask, or face covering, or muzzle, as I like to call it, which is now the least of my problems since I cannot go anywhere again. Because I value freedom, I believe that everyone should have the liberty to choose if she wants to muzzle up, cover her face or not.  Here is my opinion on the matter:

From March through June, I complied with the mask guidelines whenever I went to Kaiser for doctor visits, scans, and my surgery. Visitors were required to wear a mask.

By mid-June, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) gave the OK for some businesses, including our dance studio, gyms, and small churches, to open and have in-person activities. Masks were still voluntary, but most people chose to wear them. It felt like life was coming back again.

And then, out of nowhere, we got this from Newsom (my slight exaggeration):
"That's it! I provided all of you the opportunity to show me that you cared about others, and instead, you have shown me how inconsiderate you are. Not enough of you are wearing masks! Therefore, I have ordered the CDPH to issue more guidelines on wearing masks in public, and everywhere!"
I knew from experience that the mask made me feel claustrophobic; it felt like suffocation, causing me anxiety. I cannot breathe comfortably and hate breathing my own hot breathe. I want air and need to breathe oxygen. It pains me to even look at people wearing masks because I feel their suffocation.

[BTW, it nauseates me to share these images of my governor in his heavy, dark muzzle, but I must.]

I did all I could to avoid wearing a mask. As I ventured out, I chose only to shop at a grocery store that didn't enforce the mask. Our bowling alley publicly acknowledged the exemptions provided by the CPDH. Hobby Lobby did, too. My little coffee shop near the dance studio as well. Even the employees at the family-owned feed store didn't wear masks.

With exception of the "ORDER" and the spelling of Newsom, 
the bowling alley got it right!

I did have a problem at my local library, which just opened two weeks ago. They refused me entry and said they received new instructions from our County. While my girls went inside to get books, I explained that the mask guidelines included health exemptions, but the manager said they were given no exemptions.

While I waited outside for my kids, I called San Bernardino County to inquire about the new mask instructions. The county directed me back to the CDPH, and read for me the same exemptions as the CDPH. Later, a friend of mine spoke to the library manager and showed him that the CDPH exemptions are for their protection, to make sure that no one is discriminated against. The manager said he would speak to his supervisor about these things and get back to her personally.

I also wrote letters to Barnes & Noble and a local gun store that did not know about the exemptions. B & N has since changed their policy, but I have yet to hear from the gun store.

I have done research on the mask guidelines, and it is amazing what you find when you dig a little. Governors cannot mandate or make an executive order against personal or individual behavior. They oversee agencies and departments, which is why Newsom is using the CDPH to tell us what to do. But they are not a legislative body. They can only offer guidance and recommendations.

Unfortunately, the biased media sources give us our information, but we cannot believe them. They lie! They presented the June mask guidelines as an "order" given by our governor that must be strictly followed or risk punishment. And just like that, most businesses and individuals complied, if they weren't already personally choosing.

But, again, the guidelines are not enforceable by law. They are only recommendations by the health department, not a governing body. In addition, if you look at San Bernardino County, they only "highly recommend" that employees wear masks, and consider it "optional" for a business or agency to require customers to wear a mask. It is not clear or well explained, and that is by design.

My point is, there is nothing illegal about not wearing a mask. But the whole ordeal has been made to look like our Governor has legally ordered individuals to put on a mask or risk breaking a law. This is a deception.

So why wear one? Well. According to our governor, he said, and I quote:
Wearing a mask helps us to remember to practice social distancing and it shows others that we care. 
If you want to show someone you care...try these: stay home when you are sick. Even a tiny bit. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often and well. Practice good hygiene. Be courteous. Be kind. Be of service to others. Don't block traffic, don't destroy other people's property, don't steal, don't harm others or beat the crap out of them because you feel vengeful and entitled, and don't kill defenseless babies in the womb.

Demanding that everyone wear a mask in public demonstrates shallowness and a lack of creativity and real fortitude...but it makes sense coming from a morally superior, godless governor. Of course a dark muzzle over his mouth and nose suits him perfectly. What a fool! What a pathetic excuse to make people feel guilty and comply with such foolishness.

Does the mask help? Some scientists and doctors say sure, while others disagree. Scientifically, the mask should definitely be reserved for sick people. Recall in the beginning how we were told NOT to wear a mask!!

The best things a sick person can do are stay home and avoid people. The same with immune compromised, the elderly, and people with other health conditions. People need to learn how to self-quarantine when they are not well or when they are vulnerable. And people should have the choice to wear a mask or not. But because we are reluctant to single out some people, everyone must be compromised. This I disagree with because it has had significantly harmed healthy people and our economy unnecessarily.

And if you haven't noticed, I will point it out: Governor Newsom has decided that he is going to use the mask, the face covering, the muzzle to divide people. He is well pleased that the division has naturally occurred between those who wear it compliantly and those who refuse, and he is making it the political focus of the RONA. It takes the burden off of him and it is moving along nicely in his destructive plan.

This second shutdown has further cemented his plot, and those in fear are already grumbling, "See, if people would just wear a mask, this wouldn't have happened!!!"

So when the CDPH gets the green light to permit a reopening of the businesses a second time, there may be stern warnings to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask; and the small selfish minority of individuals who choose not to wear the mask in public will also be shamefully repudiated. Of course, the exemptions will still be in place for protections, but it will be a burden on the business to follow or fear being responsible for spreading the RONA. And you can be sure: more people will be wearing their masks even while driving alone.

FEAR of one's government is highly motivational.


  1. the problem is the two week incubation time... it's possible for a sick person to infect others without knowing it. hence, the mask...

    1. But even that is conflicting. Some say yes and others say no. Some say asymptomatic people are not able to pass it on. I also heard a doctor report research from Europe and Australia that confirmed young people/children are least likely to pass on the virus. They are poor transmitters, and most likely have no symptoms or weak symptoms. It was more likely that adults passed it on to children and others than vise versa. The information is conflicting and contradictory all the way around. No one knows what the truth is or what to do or who to listen to.

  2. Not every mask is effective to protect, it depends on the material it is made. And that's why N95 masks should be reserved for medical staff in direct contact with infected patients. On the other hand, I had a case in my family, where we really ask ourselves whether the involved should have worn a mask, and it feels painful to think about it. Two sisters of my aunt's husband got Covid a few days after a family dinner (the two sisters were present, and three cousins). A few days later, they started to have the Covid symptons, and from then on the thing went very fast, and all the contacts had to be tested, so as to trace back the source of the infection and protect others. It tunrs out that one of my cousins was infected, but asymptomatic - he showed no symtoms, nothing, otherwise he wouldn't have gone to the dinner, naturally. Only through a test we could find out. One of the sisters who got infected died, the other is still in an Intensive Care Unit. The question remains, if they had worn a proper mask (an effective one!), it wouldn't have been this way. But it is no use to dwell on it now. I don't know.

    1. I'm really sorry to hear about your family member, and I hope the other is out of intensive care soon.

      I agree...I cannot imagine the little blue medical mask is effective in stopping anything but coughs and sneezes. Nonetheless, the germs are smaller than the pores and go right through. Even medical staff that have been using a variety of PPE have been hardest hit bc of their continuous interaction w/ contagious patients.

      The best instruction for highly susceptible or vulnerable people is to stay away from everyone. That includes family gatherings. One thing Newsom has been warning is to stop getting together w/ family/friends. Gatherings involve being in close proximity w/ others for long periods of time, permitting more opportunity for transmission. But I don't see people saying no to getting together w/ friends and family anytime soon. And I doubt anyone wants to wear a mask while visiting, although I know some who have.

      I also don't believe if a family member was possibly infected or had been exposed, people would be ok spending time w/ that person while trusting in a mask. It really is best if people stay away from large gatherings for long periods of time. A mask isn't going to protect everyone.
      But the chance of passing it or getting it while walking down grocery or retail aisles or the beach while keeping distance and limited interaction has to be far less if non existent than for those who are spending more time w/ the same people (like in hospitals, care centers, and work environments).

    2. Thank you, Ruth! It is difficult not to visit one's family, on the one hand, and it feels strange to wear a mask at home with family, on the other. It is sad having to smile with one's eyes. These are hard times. And, as I said, most masks I see people wearing are inefficient, and they may give a false sense of security to people who feel a little sick but think it's ok to go out if they are wearing a mask. They will be at the risk of infecting others.

    3. Juliana, I completely agree. And why would someone who is feeling sick go out even with a mask? It is a false sense of security. Even if one is feeling a little sick, he should stay away from others. It's common courtesy. Right? But I do not agree with healthy people wearing masks, nor do I believe that we should be treating ourselves with such fear over a virus that does spread easily, but is not deadly to the healthy populations. Vulnerable people need to stay safe and distance themselves right now, and healthy people need to be careful around vulnerable people, if they are usually around them. But treating everyone as sick is causing another kind of madness that is destroying our society.