Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Classics Club Meme(s) 2020

I'm playing catch up with The Classics Club Meme(s).  I need book related material to help me focus on books exclusively, otherwise I am sidetracked by the Rona and race riots. I still need to talk about those things, but it is nice to talk about books, too. 
So I am excited to see TCC bring back the monthly meme. This was the first one: 
The very first question in August 2012 was What is your favourite Classic? And why?’
Back then, I answered this first meme: Don Quixote by Cervantes. 
This is the 2020 reboot.
For those of you who answered this question before, you might like to refer to your old posts and talk about any changes that have happened since that time. You could talk about your favourite Ancient Greek classic, Russian classic, #BlackLivesMatter classic or classic written by a woman. Your could discuss your favourite classic to read during a pandemic, on holiday, in summer or winter. Perhaps non-fiction classics are more your thing, so tell us about your favourite bio, history, travel or science classic.
Since I began my classical reading journey in 2012, I have been exposed to a few hundred classics, and I CANNOT choose one favorite anymore.  If I updated this meme, I would leave Don Quixote on my list.
To answer in 2020, I asked myself to choose up to 20 favorites, which come from my personal canon:
So in no order...these are my top 20 favorite classics with a few words that come to mind: 
1. Don Quixote...comedic pleasure
2. The entire Little House series (all 9, plus 2 others) <-- [these all count as one]...I live through these stories.
3. The Handmaid's Tale...wildly outrageous, but effective.
4. The Great Gatsby...engrained in my mind forever.
5. Anna Karenina...a philosophical lecture by Tolstoy in epic story format.
6. House of Mirth...melancholy and maddening
7. A Christmas Carol...redemptive and hopeful
8. Far From the Madding Crowd...POETRY with a happy Hardy ending.
9. literary maturity
10. Little Women...beautifully written and touching about relationships
11. Their Eyes Were Watching God...a poetically American story about love
12. Gone With the Wind....just EPIC storytelling
13. The Diary of a Young Girl...coming of age and mature beyond her years
14. Letters of a Woman Homesteader...I want to be this woman.
15. Jane Eyre...hauntingly epic story
16. Testament of Youth...a courageous testimony
17. 1984...fearfully shocking, but cannot look away
18. Uncle Tom's Cabin...a difficult truth that needed to be exposed
19. All Quiet on the Western Front...harsh realities of war

20. A Room of One's Own...I know this story...
The second Classics Club Meme is: 
Which classic author have you read more than one, but not all, of their books and which of their other books would you want to read in the future?
Easy enough. 
Thomas Hardy: I've read six novels, and I have dozens more works to go, including short stories and poetry. Soon to be read include A Pair of Blue Eyes and The Trumpet Major. But I am not certain I want to read all of his short stories or poems. Some of them were flops, according to the critics. However, I do think I am interested in giving his poetry a try. 
To answer your own or join the conversation, head over to The Classics Club.


  1. I remember reading "All Quiet" in early high school because it was a war novel, and first being surprised by its German perspective. That was probably the first time I'd read anything from the 'other' side of anything!

  2. 6, 12, & 16!! YES. xoxo Also, 2, 7, & 10. <3

    Uh, those are pretty much mine. xo