Another RONA Update From Cheery California

I feel like I'm going to fall-apart, and writing usually helps me sort things out. Praying helps me keep perspective.

Citizen King Newsom
Yesterday, the California Governor said that most indoor businesses and operations must close again. That includes malls/retail shops, gyms, service salons, restaurants, family entertainment, bars, and churches to name a few. Keep in mind, many of these reopened one month ago after a three month closure, though some business and churches have still not been able to open. Some of these places may remain open if they manage operations outdoors.

This is not a light directive, though I question the legality of the Governor treating livelihoods like yo-yos. Last night, the owner of my girls' dance studio did all she could to hold back tears as she described how they had worked so hard to comply with all the guidelines to stay open and that it was breaking her heart to have to shut down again and resume with Zoom classes, which are not simple to manage. My gym called and said sorry, we are closing down again. I thought of all of the new memberships that they collected since reopening in mid-June -- people eager to get back into shape after three months of weighty inactivity.

Here in America, especially California (a more populous state), they are testing everyone. Having surgery? Getting treatment? Seeing a doctor? Think you may have been exposed? No symptoms? No problem! Want a free test? It's free! Someone you know tested positive? Your cousin's SIL is positive? I wonder if the goal is just to trace every carrier, regardless of illness.

Naturally, positive case numbers are skyrocketing, and hospitalizations have increased, though it makes sense because people are not waiting until they are on death's door anymore to get treatment. And the successful turn around rate shows that hospitals and doctors have figured out what is working. Furthermore, since younger people are becoming infected, they are able to recover fully, and therefore, death rates have decreased significantly.

Unfortunately, that is not the focus anymore. To Newsom, the explosion in positive cases means we are spreading the virus because we did not obey, and that is what he wants to control: our obedience to him.

My County (America's largest county)

The task is impossible unless he use draconian measures: force everyone to stay in their homes, never to leave for food or employment. Every business should shut down. No mail, no school, no doctor visits, grocery store shopping, manufacturing anything for business, or leave your house for any reason. If anyone leaves via car or to walk, he should be punished gravely. This may be the only way to stop the virus from spreading. Silly?

Is this necessary? What are we talking about? A very contagious virus, yes, that is mostly dangerous to the elderly and weak, but not children or young, healthy people. The numbers on paper show this to be the case. Why did we lockdown perfectly healthy and young people? Why did we destroy livelihoods and lives when we could have targeted the populations that were most vulnerable? Once we were able to understand this much about the virus, we could have had a better plan.

If the goal is to be God, Newsom will fall short. He will never contain the spread of the virus unless he does the above draconian lockdown, which would likely lead to mayhem and unrest and eventual suicide and other deaths. Frankly, he cannot end illness or death. He cannot control it or make a dent in it. It is going to happen, as so will seasonal flu deaths, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Health education and preventative care have a better chance of easing these numbers than locking down whole communities and keeping people from living.

So last month I shared how I survived a tumor, and during that week when I learned my case was being passed on to an oncologist, I developed an awful stomach illness. I self diagnosed it as H. Pylori. It is like a stomach and intestinal virus wrapped in one, persisting a week or more without treatment. You lose appetite and your stomach feels on fire.  It is an awful stomach bacteria that can be treated with antibiotics, though my bout seemed to go away after six days on its own.

Well I learned that H. Pylori is so common, it is projected that up to 75% of people worldwide have it and most don't even know it. Many probably contracted it during childhood, when hygiene wasn't a priority. It is passed through human secretions (use your imagination), and through water and food, too. For most, it does not affect them until later, causing stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, and other ailments, leading to death.

Consider if we started testing people for H. Pylori. Imagine the fear of watching the numbers of infected rise to 75% of the world's population!; the frenzy of trying to contain, control, and eradicate it; the hysteria over why America has the highest positive cases than the rest of the world; ruining lives to keep anyone from contracting it ever. Such madness! But I digress.

Since last night, I have had the same feelings again in the pit of my stomach, like it is coming back. I'm feeling the tightness and uneasiness and burning, and I wonder if with the news of this lockdown and businesses in my area closing their doors for good because they could not make it though the first lockdown...is this the cause? It could be.

I am very angry, to say the least. I clearly see a government abusing its God-given power to govern wisely. They are destroying livelihoods, and I do believe it is partly responsible for the rage I see in  people. My anxiety is nothing compared to those who are shutting the doors to their business again, having their hours cut, being laid off again, or having to file for unemployment, which the state is stalling because they are running our of revenue. (So many illegal actions, and the governor already has dozens of lawsuits against him.)

How we have changed so much.

So we are back to lockdown, almost like it was in March. My son's piano teacher never returned to in-person lessons; nothing has changed for him; but my girls will return to Zoom lessons, which are NOT EVEN CLOSE to real dance lessons! My girls hate it, and it is killing their love of dance. No library, no swimming lessons, no bookstores, no dining out, no gardens, no museums, no zoos, no theater, no movies, no bowling, and no gym for me.

The only two praises that remain in my heavy heart is that my little church will stay open because we are so small. And Pastor said that we will still SING, as our governor, via the CDPH, warned that singing and worship spreads the virus (as opposed to shouting and cursing while violently rioting or screaming at law enforcement -- LOL!!!! Fools!).

The other praise is that we can still go to parks to ride our bikes and rollerblade. I am not even sure what the truth is about going to the beach because rules change everyday and we really don't want to drive 2 1/2 hours only to be turned away. My niece who lives in Huntington Beach said they are open, but the public parking lots are closed.

The state has made every intention to emotionally and mentally crush its citizens.

One day our godless Governor, who is the nephew of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wants to be President of the United States. He is an arrogant, egotistical man who believes he is morally superior to everyone. He is destroying lives by paralyzing people with fear, which is not difficult because so many Americans have been softened over the generations by comfort and privilege (and I'm not talking about white people). Americans, especially younger generations, have grown up with entitlements and expect to be made comfortable in their inabilities. They want to be taken care of and it gives them an excuse to feel comfortable in their indolence. [Please note that I don't lump all together, but it is too many that have changed the direction of the culture to make a difference.]

No Rona here! Hollywood BLM Protest June 8, 2020 @ LA Mag

Newsom cares about himself and his political future. He wants to help destroy California's economy and have a reason to blame our current President. If only he can push this until November 3rd and enforce mail-in ballots exclusively! Don't forget that Newsom praised Trump for giving him everything he asked for at the beginning of the virus. Want ventilators? masks? money? Yes, yes, yes. Newsom got whatever he wanted. If he had asked for military help during the riots, Trump would have sent them, too. But Newsom preferred to give his god's blessing on the protestors, while they disrupted traffic and business, destroyed private and public property, and murdered people. The hypocrisy was deafening!

I see through Newsom's faux leadership, but regretfully, many of my fellow Californians do not. They fawn over his words and directives, fantasizing that he cares about them.

I had to tell my girls that they probably won't have a dance recital this September, even though they already have their costumes. The venue where they hold the recital won't secure the date now because it is the local community college, and even they won't open this fall. Mrs. Linda said she will think of something, but it doesn't seem likely.

Nothing seems likely this year. And when I think it cannot get worse, I am surprised again. Just wait until Election Day!

I am trying to hold it together. I am an introvert and I love being at home, but I am at my wit's end and I need to have real connections with people, to travel, to experience God's creation, and to live. I know I speak for my kids, too. And my husband just wants to go to a Dodger game, which is the most embarrassing comeback, yet to comeback.

What are we to do about the seasonal flu, the common cold, or other germs that make us sick? Are you ready to live the rest of your life like a yo-yo? Do you think a vaccine is going to end this madness?

I'm trying to end this, but I have more. My next post will be about masks or face coverings. Oh, is that ever a farce!


  1. I'm sorry to read of what you're having to endure. I'm sure Cali is a lovely state but these days I can't fathom why people would want to put up with its government. Perhaps hope is in the offing -- I read today of a candidate vaccine that's generating the needed antibodies.

  2. Florida isn't much better other than our Governor who has some common sense. All others here in power are idiots and power hungry, especially my local county commissioners! You're preaching to the choir here Ruth. We just got mandatory masks last week, it doesn't matter if its a crochet mask or even chicken wire...just wear it,like any of it works anyway. My girls have had many of their dance things cancelled or are so unbearable with draconian rules that they hate going, so we don't make them. I just don't get it. The flu is just as bad for those who are in poor health and we NEVER imposed such stupidity. The mortality rate is no different than any other virus or infection, but you'll never hear the media, the journalist, or the government say that. Are we going to do this every time a new illness is predicted or found? Truly, America has become cowards and scaredy cats! I'll stop before I forget my manners and say something that my mama would have to slap me for! I'd say enjoy your summer, but that's not a reality much any more. Oh yeah we can make the best of a bad situation that's for sure, but it is so unnecessary to have too! :)

  3. STEPHEN: California is a gorgeous state, and I dare say, we have the BEST weather in all of the union. Except maybe Hawaii? But the stupidity in government is sucking the life out of living here. Sadly, even when they have a vaccine, I don't think it will end the totalitarian rage in this state. Maybe it will help fear subside, but definitely won't end government overreach.

    DEAN: You are right about the power hungry greedy government types. Those seem to be the ones attracted to government in the first place. Here's something else to make your head spin.....by yesterday afternoon, hours after posting this, we got word that my girls' dance studio could remain open. Why? Because they are considered a "school." Oh! but I thought schools were closed. They are...but they do not have to be. So why are they? BC the districts want to be. OOOOKkkkk! Whatever. We're really happy for the dance studio. It just makes Mrs. Linda so happy to not have to shut her doors again. And I learned that our coffee shop next door is also staying opened, and you can still go in without a mask. It just means there is a little sanity left in the world. Thanks for writing...

  4. Agreed...the southern part of the state and the metros there have long appalled me with their delight in an overweening state. I follow 'The State of Jefferson' on fb and wish them well.

  5. STEPHEN: I've heard of TSOJ. There are numerous groups by that name, and in interest, I picked one and followed.

  6. Things are cracking down here, too and people are really mad at Gregg Abbott our governor. I now have to wear face masks to the library and store. Sometimes I feel as though I were hyperventilating. Praying this comes to an end before the year is out.

  7. SHARON: I heard he was locking down again. I have some friends from Cali that moved to Waco, and they said it's getting like California over there. :( Such a bummer. I think Abbott, like several governors, caved from public pressure. It's more the perception for these guys than it is standing on common sense. One glaring thing that has come from this RONA is that courage is lacking terribly in our elected representatives. Total pushovers.