Big Book Summer Challenge 2019

I need encouragement!
So, I'm doing this.
I must conquer this book. It exceeds 1200 pages.


I started The Count of Monte Cristo in May with an intention to read along with Books by the Cup. But then there were four days and nights of dance shows and piano recitals, a funeral out of state, end-of-school events, one of the cars broke down - and its still out of commission - my 19-year old ran away...again, and yada, yada, yada...

Needless to say, reading The Counte of Monte Cristo took a backseat. Everything took a backseat.

But I'm back! And I need help reading this book. So I'm joining Book by Book's Big Book Summer Challenge.

Need an excuse to read a big book, 
or need some encouragement to get through a doozy?
See link above for more info.


  1. How far are you currently into it? I might read it with you. I had started it once, but never finished it as intended.

  2. Good luck, Ruth. It's on my TBR list, but I haven't had an inclination to tackle it yet.

  3. Welcome to the Big Book Summer Challenge, Ruth!

    I'm so glad you decided to join the fun...and that the challenge is inspiring you to tackle that VERY big book! My husband read it a few years ago for Big Book Summer and really enjoyed it, so I hope you do, too. I am also reading a hefty one to kick off the summer - Gone with the Wind.

    Enjoy your Big Book! Come back to the Challenge page to link to your review when you finish it :)


    2019 Big Book Summer Challenge

    1. Thanks, Sue. I've heard nothing but positive reviews about CMC; therefore, I am encouraged.

      Gone with the Wind is excellent. Hope you enjoy it.

  4. I found The Count immensely readable but as usual, reading depends on time available. I have so little time lately that a chunkster makes me shudder. However, perhaps I should do this challenge to finish up City of God. That's been a slog for me. I'll be interested to see how much you enjoy The Count!

    1. Yeah, Cleo...it's been really difficult to focus on reading. I'm forcing myself. I read a chapter last night, and it brought me back into the story. I'm aiming one chapter per night, at least, until I get back into my schedule.

      Maybe you could do the same for City of God. I do not know how much more you have left, and I cannot remember how long the chapters were...I think most of them were short enough to do one a day. But I know how it is...summer is supposed to be relaxing, but it turns out to be the opposite!

  5. I read _The Count of Monte Cristo_ years ago, and it was good, but... I guess I didn't feel that it was quite good enough to justify how long it was. Can't decide whether I would really recommend it or not. I think I might try The Three Musketeers someday, though.

    1. I hear ya! I am struggling with getting into it. I listened to some book reviews of it tonight on YouTube in hopes that it would inspire me to keep working at it. So I think I will.