Thursday, November 1, 2018

November Reading Stack

Three new books I am adding to my reading this month:

The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau for The Well-Educated Mind Histories
West From Home by Laura Ingalls Wilder for The Little House-athon
The Problem of Pain by C. S. Lewis

Before the end of November, my kids and I will begin Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, which will take three months to complete. In October, we finished Macbeth together, my first Shakespeare in its original language.

In addition to those, I am finishing Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. Almost done.

I am reading a couple of other books with my kids, but those do not really count for my reading stack.

Regretfully, I dumped Hume's History of England, Vol. 5 because I could no longer genuinely read it. But I have to keep going in TWEM Histories, which is why I am starting Rousseau.

And that is my new reading for the month of November.

What do you plan to read this month???


Anonymous said...

I'm reading the next novel on TWEM Novels list: Crime and Punishment; and The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm hoping to also read Black Beauty. I found an unabridged copy of it in a thrift store. After that I may start The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Sounds like you're tackling some heavy stuff!

Ruth said...

I love C&P. That's one of my favorites by Dostoevsky. I've read positive reviews of Moonstone, and I have it somewhere on my wishlist.

Marian H said...

Exciting choices, as always! Right now I'm clinging to P. G. Wodehouse's The Code of the Woosters for some laughs, while I go through some challenges at work. Not sure yet what I'll be picking up next.

Carol said...

I picked up a lovely vintage HB copy of Jude the Obscure a few months ago but I'm saving it until next year. This month I started Anna Karenina - after all these years I've finally cracked open a Tolstoy & I'm loving it. I'm generally a sucker for Russian lit but I put AK off for years thinking it would be a hard slog so I was very surprised when I started and found it so hard to put down. Also started reading Surprised by Joy by Lewis & an Aussie title this month.

Ruth said...

Good idea. Something lighthearted for a challenging time.

Ruth said...

So I just finished Jude, and I loved it. Twisted ideas, as only Hardy can portray; but nonetheless, excellent writing.

I really enjoyed Surprised by Joy.

Tolstoy is a commitment, but always worth it. Someday I want to reread AK.

Sharon Wilfong said...

Fantastic review, Ruth. You make some excellent and bold points about the futility of man rebelling against God's order. I feel that Hardy created straw men to prove his point but failed to make the connection between his "freedom for moral restraints" and the emptiness that rattle in his soul during his lifetime.

I also reviewed this book, but I think your excellent insight really captures Hardy's intent and his fallacies.

Sharon Wilfong said...

I think I somehow commented on the wrong post. This was supposed to be for your review of Jude the Obscure.

Ruth said...

No problem. Thanks for the comment. I feel like I did not read your review of Jude on your bog, so I'll go check it out right now.

Ruth said...

I mean bLog! Ugh.

Beth said...

I'm not sure whether I'll keep going with Hume, but I'm dropping it for now. I want to start The Social Contract this month, but I have some other group reads planned, so I might not be able to fit it in until December. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

Ruth said...

I totally understand. I did not like reading Hume at all. But I kept the book with the intent to maybe someday go back to it???? I'm slowly reading through Social Contract. It's short and a little complicated, but I'm going through it slowly, and I think I'll finish up at the end of December, given that it is a busy part of the year.