Friday, November 30, 2018

Literary Christmas Challenge

I'm joining the Literary Christmas Reading Link-up at In the Bookcase. It's easy. Make a list of Christmas-themed books you'd like to read this season, write a post about it, and link-up over at In the Bookcase.

My list isn't very long. There are two books I would like to read in December, and I read them with my kids. So here it goes:

A Christmas Carol 
Charles Dickens

Holly & Ivy
Rumer Godden, Barbara Cooney

Want to join? There's still time!


Cleo @ Classical Carousel said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Ruth! I'm going to join too. If I throw in some children's books, I might be able to participate in one challenge this year that I feel good about. Can't wait to start!

Joseph said...

A Christmas Carol is nearly an annual read...always good. Enjoy!

o said...

I'm doing this too - having a few weeks of Christmas short stories :)

I LOVE Christmas Carol, so much so I just finished forcing my way through Malthus' Essay on Population, which Dickens refers to with the "If they want to die then let them do it" comment.

Have fun :D

Faith said...

I've always wanted to read A Cricket on the Hearth by Dickens. I think I will try this challenge and read that one. The Holly and the Ivy is one of my absolute favorites. And of course A Christmas Carol is THE classic! I just discovered your blog. It's lovely!

Ruth said...

Right? Whatever you have to do!

Notice I'm only hoping to read TWO?

Ruth said...

This is interesting! I admit my ignorance on Malthus and Dickens. So I read an op ed on the connection, and it is fascinating.

Ruth said...

Yes, it is.

You, too!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Faith.

Last Christmas I read A Cricket on the Hearth. It was a sweet and quaint love story, but difficult at times (for me) in comprehension, being Dickens. If you do struggle with it...don't give up. It really is sweet.

Tarissa said...

Woohoo! Thanks for joining A Literary Christmas!

"A Christmas Carol" is always worth another read. Plus, I've enjoyed some delightful books that are based on the original Dickens' story that are also interesting. :) The other books you've chosen looks pretty cute too!

Merry reading to you!


Rachel said...

I have both read and listened to Christmas Carol. As well as been to the play. Lol. And the Klingon Christmas Carol. Twice. Yup, I'm that person. If you listen to audiobooks, I highly recommend the Tim Curry version.

Ruth said...

I've been to a play of A Christmas Carol, also. It is such a good story in any version. I've never heard of the Klingon Christmas Carol. Now I'm curious!

Ruth said...

Thank you for hosting!!