Little House-athon 2018

Well, I did said I could not imagine a year without the Little House books. And so it is that Paula @ The Vince Review is hosting a year-long read-athon of the Little House series and a few other books to equal one book a month in 2018. I need not an excuse to read these books, but I like to pretend that I have a reason.

Here is the schedule:

January : Little House in the Big Woods
February : Little House on the Prairie
March : On the Banks of Plum Creek
April : Farmer Boy
May : By the Shores of Silver Lake
June : The Long Winter
July : Little Town on the Prairie
August : These Happy Golden Years
September : The First Four Years
October : On the Way Home
November : West From Home
December : Caroline - Sarah Miller

Last year, after I completed eight of the series books, I told myself that next time I read them, I want to focus on the proverbs, or words of wisdom, that Ma and Pa and Laura shared about life and human nature. This time I will see how many I notice and write them down.

If you are interested, there is no sign up, but you can follow at Paula's blog.

Can't wait to get started!


  1. Hooray, let's bring it on. I have Little House in the Big Woods all ready to go. I be interested to see what you think of 'Caroline: Little House Revisited' as Ma's childhood would be very interesting. I also own several of the novels about Rose's childhood by Roger Lea MacBride, which I loved at the time 💕 Very hard to get enough of such an interesting family, through all generations.

    1. Hi, Paula, sorry! I was meaning to get to your message here. I've never read any of those other books about Rose or of any of stories about Caroline. Maybe one day I will. But I do look forward to reading this new release, Caroline.

  2. This read-along is so tempting but I have to limit myself this year. Perhaps I can manage one or two though. Have fun! I know that you love these books!

    1. If you can only read one or two, you should try The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, and/or These Happy Golden Years. (In that order, if you read more than one.) Laura is older and coming of age. It's just more involved than her younger years. Anyway, I know what you mean about limiting yourself.