Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books of 2017

My Favorite Books of 2017

This was my absolute 2017 favorite:

Their Eyes Were Watching God
Zora Neale Hurston

And this was a close second:

Reading Lolita in Tehran
Azar Nafisi

The next two are intense classic non-fiction:

The Cost of Discipleship
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Mere Christianity
C. S. Lewis

This is always a favorite:

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

An amazing non-fictional book about marriage and singlehood:

Married For God
Christopher Ash

This next one was eye-opening -- and I thought it would be a dud:

55 Men: The Story of the Constitution: 
Based on the Day-to-day Notes by James Madison
Fred Rodell

Naturally, Dostoyevsky is brilliant and intriguing.

The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

But of course, my go-to comfort read is the following series; 
This was my 5th reread.

Little House on the Prairie (books 1-8, b/c I did not get to #9)
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Finally, these are my resource books for education and raising children. I'm fascinated by Charlotte Mason and wish I read her books BEFORE I had kids. She is AWESOME.

Home Education, Vol. 1; Parents and Children, Vol. 2; 
and School Education, Vol. 3
Charlotte Mason


Brian Joseph said...

These are very impressive books. Those that I have read are also among my favorites. Those that I have not read I want to read. I may get to 55 Men: The Story of the Constitution in the next few months. The Constitutional Convention, as well as The Founders in general are a particular interest of mine.

Ruth said...

Brian, 55 Men was very well done. It's excellent insight into what the heck was going on behind those doors, and it was surprising to me b/c it was not at all what I imagined.

Cleo said...

Great list! I think that's what I need for 2018 ..... a comfort read. Now just to figure out what that's going to be. I love Dostoyevsky too ..... I think keeping up with his brain would have driven me nuts but he's a fascinating person!

Ruth said...

Cleo, that's exactly what you need. When you find your comfort read, let me know what it is. : )

Cleo said...

Will do!

Marian H said...

I love the variety on your list! Now I want to check out Reading Lolita in Tehran. I've heard of it, but being skeptical of bestseller lists, I was not sure I would like it. Thanks for the recommendations!

Ruth said...

I've read a few complaints about Reading Lolita, mainly that it jumped around a lot, and someone else was not comfortable about the author's use of Lolita as mentionable literature given its context, which is understandable; but I think there is a purpose to her jumping back and forth between past and present, as well as her use of Lolita in general. Her life, liberty, and privacy in Iran was unstable and taken from her. She uses literature to live her life privately, and she related to what she read. Anyway, of course I hope you find it worthwhile if you do get to read it.

Janet said...

You have some of my favorites! I also love Their Eyes Were Watching God, Reading Lolita..., and Great Gatsby. I have Mere Christianity on my TBR along with the two Dostoyevskys. Good reading!

Sharon Wilfong said...

Looks like a good list. I have not read Their Eyes were Watching God but since you recommend it I will have to give it a try.

Ruth said...

Dostoyevsky is intense. I read C&P first, and I am grateful for that b/c TBK is like Dostoyevsky on steroids.

Ruth said...

After reading the book, I watched the film version starring Halle Berry, and It was an added benefit. Berry did a great job. I don't think I will ever think of Janie (the main character) any other way.

Paula Vince said...

What a great and varied list :) Inspired by you, I think I might include a 'Little House-athon' for 2018, reading one of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books for each month. They are so great, all in my shelves, and it's been so long since I've read them all through. I've enjoyed your reviews by the way. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and look forward to next year.

Ruth said...

Hi, Paula. Thank you. Let me know if you do a Little House-athon for 2018 b/c I may join you. I'll never say no to adding that series to my year.

Happy New Year.

Paula Vince said...

Hi Ruth, yes, I'm going to do it. One each month for 2018, and I'm really looking forward to it. If you do want to pop over from time to time, it'll be great :)