About Too Much Baseball and a Lack of Books

It's November, and I have failed to finish one book, write one post, or read very much at all in the month of October.

And I have a lame reason, too: it's all baseball's fault.

My husband and me, NLDS 2015

Do you know how long baseball season is? Baseball season begins in April (sometimes March) and continues all the way through September or October, depending on how far your team makes it. This year, it went into November. Ugh!

With our friends and JT's ground-rule double ball, 2015 NLDS

My husband went back to the next NLDS 2015 game without me

You see, I am married to a neurotic Los Angeles Dodger fan, and three years ago I officially converted from a well-grounded, in-name-only New York Mets fan to a fanatic LA Dodger fan. It was bound to happen after 17-years of marriage. 

I secretly took this picture of my crazy husband. Help!
We even dragged our kids into the sickness

Lost to the Nationals, NLDS 2016, pretending to be happy

My Girl, Audra, and me at NLDS, 2016

Corey Seager #5, 2016 Rookie of the Year

For the last three years, we have been attending a lot of Dodger games, even playoff games, and often with a couple of friends. In 2015, my friend's husband caught Justin Turner's ground rule double during the NLDS against the NY Mets. And last year my husband caught a foul ball by Yazmani Grandal.

LA Dodger Fan (my husband) Makes a Great Catch, 2016, Jon Soohoo
Yazmani Grandal, #9, LA Dodger Catcher

This year the Dodgers broke all kinds of records, and they were the BEST team in all of baseball. Needless to say, it has been an exciting three years following the Dodgers.

JT or Justin Turner or Redturn, #10

It is no surprise then to say that this October has been a volatile month, with the Dodgers sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks for the NLDS and beating the 2016 World Series Chicago Cubs for the Division Championships. We were able to attend a couple of these games, and for the remainder of the series, I sat comatose, unable to think of anything else, watching every game to the end.

Finally, after 29 years, they were going to the World Series.

NLCS 2017

Long story short, it has been one of the most exciting World Series, going through all seven games, only for the Dodgers to lose to the Houston Astros. Yeah, I'm bummed, but I am truly glad it is over because it has consumed my life, literally. I am absolutely ready to get back into reading and writing.

Top Deck NLCS 2017

Until next season.


  1. I've never really been a sports fan, although I do regret that I turned down tickets to a Cubs game years ago. However I just finished reading the Jackie Robinson story in Eric Metaxas' book "Seven Men and their Secret to Greatness." That was a powerful bio of him. Now I want to read a more thorough biography.

    Oh, and your husband does not look like he is pretending to be happy. :)

    1. Jackie Robinson was a great man. Have you seen the film 42? It was very well done.

  2. It all sounds Greek to me. We're into rugby union & soccer over here. The rest of my family also love cricket but I don't understand a thing about it. Great pics! So nice to see who the person behind the blog is!

    1. Thanks, Carol. That's how I feel about American football. Can't get into it, but people are crazy about it. Only baseball for me.