Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Classics Book Tag

Jillian tagged me for this bookish questionnaire, "The Classics Book Tag."  I will answer, to the best of my ability, these ten bookish questions regarding the classic books in my life.

1.   An over-hyped classic you never really liked :

(That's putting it mildly.)  I loathe Wuthering Heights.  And now I can say that because I have read it.

2.  Favorite time period to read about :

I am assuming this refers to a literary/historical period.  I probably can find something about every period that would make it a favorite - which changes with the seasons - but I hardly can say which one I like more.

While I do appreciate the Ancients, they may be my least favorite.  And then modern or contemporary, though that may be because I have spent the least time with the moderns; however, that is changing, too.

Maybe I can narrow it down to Medieval, Colonial and Pioneer America, Victorian England, and Early 1900s America.

3.  Favorite fairytale :

Not too much of a fairytale person, and I do not know if this is a fairy tale : I remember my dad narrating the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk over and over and over again when I was a kid.  I was fascinated by Jack escaping the giant just in time.

4.  What is the most embarrassing classic you have not read?

For the longest time it was Wuthering Heights.  Now I embarrassed to admit that I have not read any Sherlock Holmes, or Homer, Dante, or Virgil, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or any of the actual plays of Shakespeare.

5.  Top five classics you want to read :

  1.  The Little House series - Laura Ingalls Wilder (I am craving this and I want to stop everything and read it all over again.) 
  2.  This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3.  The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (I'm re-reading this for Hamlette's read-along, beginning in June.)
  4.  To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee (I've decided to re-read this, too, for summer.)
  5.  The Diary of Anne Frank  (I should just re-read it this summer also.)  

6.  Favorite modern book or series based on a classic :

This I have nothing.

7.  Favorite movie version or TV series based on a classic :

I love them all the same:  Far From the Madding Crowd, Doctor Zhivago, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, Gone With the Wind, The Last of the Mohicans, To Kill a Mockingbird, North and South, Out of Africa, A Tale of Two Cities, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Crucible.

8.  Worst classic to movie adaptation :

Madam Bovary 2015.  Absolutely horrid!  : P

9.  Favorite editions you would like to collect more of :

The Puffin in Bloom collection.  I only have a smorgasbord of used books, none of the Puffin in Bloom.  I do have many of the Barnes and Noble Classics because they are affordable.

10. An under-hyped classic :

This one I am stuck on.  I'll think . . .



Carol said...

Wuthering Heights - weird book but I did like it. I didn't read any Sherlock Holmes until this year & just loved them. I'd read a few of Conan Doyle's historical fiction & really enjoyed them so i don't know why it took me so long to get to his detective. I really enjoyed 'A Study in Scarlet.' David Clarke has some good audio recordings of the books at Librivox.

Jean said...

I too dislike Wuthering Heights, though possibly not as much as you do! I love this tag and will try to do it soon. (So much blogging to do, so little time...)

Ruth said...

I know I will like Sherlock. Everyone keeps telling me to read [it]. Some of Doyle's other titles are interesting, but I just haven't gotten to it. My older son and husband both enjoyed A Study in Scarlet, too. So I know I will get to it one of these day, and I have a feeling I will enjoy it.


Ruth said...

: D

I'm dramatic. Plus, again, my personal mood also affects the outcome of my reading experience. Let's just say, it wasn't a good time to read WH. I needed something more encouraging and inspiring.

Glad you'll think of doing the questionnaire. I thought of you when I though of tagging people.

Marian H said...

That Puffin in Bloom set is gorgeous...swoon!

Sherlock Holmes is a blast to read, but (fair warning) pretty addictive. :) I have yet to read The Diary of Anne Frank so that's on my "embarrassing haven't read" list...

Ruth said...

Anne Frank is essential reading! : )

Jillian said...

Oh, now I must watch the Madame Bovary movie just to see why you dislike it! You listed some excellent adaptations to love -- some of my favorites as well. I've never seen Doctor Zhivago or The Scarlet Pimpernel. Jack in the Beanstalk! That's a good one. I don't know if it's a fairy tale either. I had a hard time answering that question, which made me think it might be time to read some fairy tales. I'm sure Mom read them to me as a kid, but it's a hazy memory. I love that your list of classics to read is almost all favorite rereads. I WANT TO REREAD THE LITTLE HOUSE BOOKS TOO. I'm holding off because I'm reading them with Mom for Christmas, a couple a year. :) YES TO COLONIAL AMERICA. I want to read more. x

Thanks so much for filling this out! It was fun to read. I'd have commented last night but for some reason your blog fell out of my Wordpress feed. I happened over, & that's how I noticed you'd written this. :) I put you back of course. x

Gently Mad said...

(Say this in a Texas drawl): have got to read Sherlock Holmes and Lord of the Rings trilogy. Shame on you. And you commenters up there stop bashing Wuthering Heights! That's one of my favorites.

The Puffin in Bloom books look very nice but they remind me of certain bookshelf decor on Pinterest (of which I'm addicted) that are color coordinated. I've never considered doing that, probably, like you, I get most of my books used. But P in B looks appealing.

Have a fun weekend!

Ruth said...

I hear ya. : D

Maybe next year I will plan to read TLR and some Sherlock. How's that?

About WH, I am going to watch the film version that Jillian suggested, and see what happens. It may cause me to want to reread it. I feel like I missed something when I read it. It infuriated me.

I've never considered color coordinating my bookshelves either. Then I'd never know where to find something. All of my books are in genre order and alphabetically by author. How's that for nerdy?

Ruth said...

Glad you found me. It's hard to keep up with you. You disappear for awhile and then there you are ! : )

The reason I did not like this MB was b/c I did not like the characters at all - the actors playing the characters. My idea of them did not fit the actors, and it really bothered me. I stopped watching it half way through. Also, I felt like Emma was more of a vindictive personality, not a victim. But maybe you'll see it differently than I did.

I know - four of my five classics are rereads, and this is a happy thing b/c it means that they are a part of me now. I find myself thinking about them in the middle of my day when I'm doing something totally unrelated, and a thought appears. It's like they are calling me and I have revisit them. It's very weird. I'd never tell my husband that -- though he'd probably come back with something equally silly like, "I feel that way about Netflix." Ugh.

How sweet that you get to read the LH books with your mom.

Ruth said...

Oops, I mean: the MB actors did not fit the characters from the book, as I understood them to be. (I'm sure you figured out what I meant.)

Starboard said...

Under rated classics for me are Persuasion by Jane Austen and Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte. I would also add the works of Charles Williams. I finished all seven of his books one after the other over the course of about a month. And finally, Night Land by William Hope Hodgson. Williams and Hodgson are both dark and rather gothic but hopeful and very Christian by modern standards.

Starboard said...

P.S. I enjoy your blog. I just bought A Well Educated Mind and have started working my way through. Thanks! Amy

Ruth said...

Did you know that Persuasion is my favorite Austen (after struggling through it my first time). And except for Agnes Grey, I've not heard of any of these other titles. I bet others would agree that Anne Bronte is under-rated, too.

P.S. It makes me happy when I hear that other readers are working through or thinking of working through TWEM. How exciting. Let me know if you blog about your books.

Cleo said...

I'm watching The Little House on the Prairie episodes and the earlier ones (before they became overly dramatic) are just wonderful! I have to read the series again soon.

Great tag! I hope to do it too when I can get some time --- lately I think that will be never!

Joseph said...

You already know we are of similar opinions on WH. I'll add, (in proper Yankee accent), yes, you must read LOTR and SH. :) My list:

Ruth said...

Cleo, are those LH episodes the one with Melissa Gilbert? I once saw a version based on just Little House on the Prairie. It was made for TV, so it was in like six episodes, maybe??? It was about 12 years ago, or so. It was actually pretty good. The actor who played Pa was a Canadian actor.

Anyway, I used to watch the Melissa Gilbert TV series of Little House, but I know now it is so different from the book. I WISH someone who make a version of the entire series just like the book. It would be perfect!

And I hope you get to do the tag. No pressure -- whenever you can.

Ruth said...

I will, I will. : ) I know I will enjoy them both.

James said...

Great questionnaire. It makes me think about my own reading and viewing, especially the rare instances when I did not like a book (Madame Bovary), or disliked the movie version of a classic (the BBC version of To the Lighthouse was particularly bad).

Brona said...

I'm with you re Wuthering Heights, but I read it in my early 20's when I thought it was a romance - WRONG! Now that I understand it's meant to be a gothic novel, I will try it one more time just in case the lens I view it through makes a difference.

Sadly I have never seen a version of Pride and Prejudice that matches my very high opinion of the book. But the movie version of Emma helped me to appreciate the book more.

Puffin and Penguin have done some lovely editions of the classics over the years. These kids ones are lovely.

I may return with a link...:-)

Ruth said...

OH . . . did not even know they tried to make a movie version of To the Lighthouse. And BBC gets high marks for turning classics into film.

Ruth said...

So, the Puffin Bloom are a kid's version? That says a lot about me now. : P

Let me know if you do the tag. : )

Brona said...

The kids classics are great, although I haven't read all of the ones in your boxed set...yet!

My post is here -
Thanks for the tag :-)

Brona said...

forgot you were a blogspot like me that doesn't have hyperlinks unless you know the code

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Thanks for the shout-out for my read-along! I picked up a couple books about Gatsby at the library yesterday, which I'm eager to delve into.

You already know that I am shocked you have not read any Sherlock Holmes stories, but I'll repeat it. I'm shocked!

Right there with you on the distaste for Wuthering Heights, though.

Ruth said...

My pleasure. Thanks for hosting, giving me an excuse to just do it.

Also, yes. I told someone that next year is the year I will add not only SH but also some LOTR. And these I know I won't regret it.

Ruth said...

Brona . . . Hahahhahaha. I know. I have to copy and paste, but thanks for the link.

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

SWEET! I think you will enjoy them both :-)