Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Related Sources You Should Visit, if you haven't already

Hot Dudes Reading
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Isn't he adorable? With that textbook he could be studying,
or maybe he's just casually teaching himself to code.
Either way, he looks like a man with goals.
I bet his mother is so proud. In fact,
he's probably on his way to see her now.

#futureinlaws #hotdudesreading

Hot Dudes Reading is an entertaining bookish outlet, featuring candid shots of men caught reading in NYC.  Well, the impromptu captions are entertaining, though sometimes maybe a little suggestive, IMO.

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A favorite, one-stop place for all bookish news and entertainment.  These people know books.

The Imaginative Conservative

This site is more like an online journal "for those who seek the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.  [They] address culture, liberal learning, politics, political economy, literature, and the arts and the American Republic..."  A great source for classic education and literature-related essays.  


Most book bloggers know Goodreads, right?  Well, if you don't, you need to.  I especially appreciate how I can scan my books onto my shelves right from my phone.  Then when I am out and about, I can check to see if I already own a particular book before I buy a second copy for the third time.  


Anonymous said...

I love your resources, especially Book Riot!!!

Ruth said...

I love Book Riot, too. They are excellent.

Lynn @ Smoke & Mirrors said...

What a great idea for a listing! I absolutely love Hot Dudes Reading! It reminds me of my husband's comment today as he finished washing dishes, "Well, I've done my sexy thing for the day!" So true!! :) I couldn't live without Goodreads! :)

Ruth said...

Oh, thanks!

How funny - your husband. When I saw my husband washing dishes last night, I thought about your husband's comment and laughed to myself. : D

Lynn @ Smoke & Mirrors said...

I always tell him there's nothing sexier than cooking or cleaning! :)