Sunday, March 20, 2016

Announcing Another Reading CHALLENGE

I am a nutcase.  I do not know how I find the time to read, but I somehow finish my books. Usually, when I put my mind to something, I do not like to fail or give up (although sometimes I have to admit defeat).  When I commit to something, I just do it.  So this is what I have gotten myself into now:

To spare you my crazy life details, I will only say that I am preparing myself (mentally, physically, psychologically, hysterically) for this read-along.  Unfortunately, I do not remember how it all happened; all I know is that it had something to do with Cleo at Classical Carousel, and Bam! now I have committed myself to reading ancient English, or something like that.

My attempt at copying art after reading Book One

But in all seriousness, here is the truth: several years ago, I developed a curious interest in The Faerie Queene, by Edmund Spenser, after reading Book One to my children.  It was all about knights and dragons, and it was exciting and familiar.  Of course, I had to use outside resources to help comprehend it; but I hoped someday to read the entire work, even just to myself.

Then I found out about this read-along, and I was sucked in.  Now I am finally going to read the entire thing.  It's a little intimidating because of the language; however, I am more concerned about keeping up because lately I have witnessed my reading time being depleted before my eyes for baseball games, practices, lessons, recitals, school commitments, personal obligations, and a million other responsibilities.

So I am hoping that by the time the end of April comes, some of life's pressures will abate; then I may breathe easier and focus on something deep and complex, and be able to contribute to this little read-along.

Here is a reading schedule:

April 25 - May 1 - Book I
May 2 - May 8 - Book II
May 9 - May 15 - Book III
May 16 - May 22 - Book IV
May 23 - May 29 - Book V
May 30 - June 5 - Book VI
June 6 - June 12 - Mutability

If you are interested, Cleo has more info.


Cleo said...

Yes, O influenced me and I influenced you, didn't I? I only hope that you'll thank me after it's all over. ;-) In any case, I'm glad you're one of the party as we help each other along with this stupendous read!

Ruth said...

Oh, I know it will be good to read this with others, definitely!

Anonymous said...

Ruth...I completely understand your position...I am in the same hysterical phase of nerves, stress and general craziness! And at Cleo's doorstep lies the reason...even I am not sure how I get entangled in these escapades, except to say, that Cleo is involved, one way or the other!! Seriously, I am dreading and am excited in reading this again! I had read it in college but had a really bad professor, who put me of it completely, but I know a lot of people who swear by this work and now with everyone around, I can safely venture forth! Lets get started...I just hope I have all my wits in place once I am done! :)

Ruth said...

Haha, poor Cleo. Well, we're totally responsible for our own reading choices, right? We read at our own risk. And actually, Cleo encourages us because she takes on such great challenges. So it's a good thing. : D

But really, this is going to be a very good opportunity to read an extremely challenging piece of literature with others. Hopefully it will be more effective than your professor.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're joining us!

Ruth said...

Thank you!