Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Would Love for Christmas...

via The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten (ok, or more) Books I Would Love for Christmas

1.  The Qur'an
(I've already read this, but now I want a copy to reread and study.)

2.  On the Shoulders of Hobbits: The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis - Louis Markos 

The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom that Tolkien Got and the West Forgot - Jay Richards

(The topics of both of these sound fascinating.)

3. And the Mountains Echoed and A Thousand Splendid Suns 
- Khalid Hosseini
(I am curious to read this author.)

4.  The Belly of Paris - Émile Zola 
(My next Zola)

5.   A Landscape With Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind 
Michael O'Brien

6.  City of God - Augustine of Hippo 

7. A Room With a View and A Passage to India - E.M. Forster

8.  Jane Austen's The History of England 
By a Partial, Prejudiced, & Ignorant Historian
- Jane Austen
(This books seems like fun.)

9.  The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

10.  The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith



  1. That Austen book does seem like fun! Merry Christmas, Ruth! :)

  2. City of God and the Qur'an - yes! I have wanted to read both. I started reading City of God and found that I enjoyed it more on LibriVox. If you do end up getting either I would be interested in reading-a-long with you but the schedule would have to be pretty loose and cover a few months. I just can't keep up anymore with faster read-a-longs.

    1. City of God is on my WEM history, so it will be at least a year before I get to it. I know for sure if I ever get that copy of the Qur'an, it will be a long read for sure. It is something I would need to study. I will let you know.

  3. I hope you get the books you wish for this year. I have some of these books on my list too, but I actually have a copy of And the Mountains Echoed sitting on my shelf and should probably start with that one.

    1. Me, too; however, only my husband knows about my wishlist on Amazon and he already told me he is not getting me any books. He's mean, I think.

  4. Hi Ruth!
    Great books you have here, I hope they'll come to your shelf soon.. ;)

    City of God would be next one my wishlist-soon-to-be-realised. I loved The Confessions, and hopefully this will be as good as it.

    1. Yes, Confessions was wonderful. I heard City of God is really challenging. Best of luck to you. I won't get to it until my WEM histories section.

  5. "On the Shoulders of Hobbits" is on my wish list as well :-) Lovely choices!

    1. : D I'm waiting for a used copy to get to a penny (or a copy shows up in my library's used books).