Sunday, November 8, 2015

Back to the Classics Final Wrap-Up Post, 2015

This is my official wrap-up post for Back-to-the-Classics Reading Challenge, hosted by Karen @ Books and Chocolate.  I planned to read one book for each category, but I picked the wrong book for classic non-fiction.  An easy, favorite genre of mine, classic non-fiction should have been a no-brainer; but Twain's Life on the Mississippi was like mental torture to me.  Hence, I only completed eleven of the twelve categories.

I love to plan new books for reading challenges, and I was excited about all of these choices.  My absolute favorites were: Robinson Crusoe, Lord of the Flies, Wind in the Willows, and my reread of Persuasion. With exception of The Grapes of Wrath, which I did not like (but finished it so I could rant about it), the others were good, too, and I enjoyed them as well, for various reasons.

Thank you, Karen, for hosting! 

Following is a recap (with links) of my completed (and one incomplete) posts for this year's challenge:

1.  A 19th Century Classic Dracula (1897), by Bram Stoker

2.  A 20th Century Classic - The Grapes of Wrath (1939), by John Steinbeck

3.  A Classic by a Woman Author - Persuasion (1927), by Jane Austen

4.  A Classic in Translation - La Fortune des Rougon (1871), by Ă‰mile Zola 

5.  A Very Long Classic Novel East of Eden (1952), by John Steinbeck

6.  A Classic Novella -- Metamorphosis (1915), by Frank Kafka

7.  A Classic with a Person's Name in the Title - Robinson Crusoe (1719), by Daniel Defoe

8.  A Humorous or Satirical Classic - Lord of the Flies (1954), by William Golding

9.  A Forgotten Classic - A Journal of the Plague Year (1722), by Daniel Defoe

10.  A Nonfiction Classic - Life on the Mississippi (1883), by Mark Twain  Could not finish

11.  A Classic Children's Book - Wind in the Willows (1908), by Kenneth Grahame


  1. Good for you! This is a fun challenge and always one of my favourites. I think I finished mine awhile ago but, like usual lately I'm behind, on updating and, I think, writing a review. I tried LIfe of the Mississippi once and didn't finish either, but I did think I might come back to it one day. Oh, I must read The Wind in the Willows soon ~ I don't think I've read it since I was a kid. Way too long ago! In any case, congratulations on finishing this challenge!

    1. Thanks!

      I love Wind in the Willows. It's a book that keeps on giving. Each time you read it, you get more out of it.

      This challenge was a lot of fun to plan for. I definitely will try to do it again.

  2. Eleven out of twelve is still a great accomplishment, congrats!! :) Twain's books are kind of a mixed bag, I've only read a handful but they certainly varied in topic and interest.

    1. Thanks. I'll have to try his other non-fiction.

  3. How fun! I need to get in on one of these reading events. It seems I always find out about them after they've already begun. I have not read Life on the Mississippi but was planning to do so eventually.Thanks for the warning. I'd be interested to know what you didn't like about it. I read Wind in Willows about a year or so ago and absolutely loved it. I never read it as a child and found it to be a refreshing treat.

    1. Carol,

      Karen is preparing a 2016 Back to the Classics Challenge. Check her blog.

      As for Mississippi, it was extremely dull. I was expecting a history of the Mississippi, and while it was included, there were personal ramblings and stories that went on tangents, and I don't even know if they were completely true. I think he wrote it for his own amusements, which is fine; but it wasn't what I expected.

  4. Well done. I've got my last review to complete which is taking me forever to get to. I've really enjoyed this challenge & read a few books in categories I wouldn't otherwise have chosen or even thought about.

  5. Well done....always a great feeling writing the wrap-up post!
    Robinson Crusoe, never got around to read this classic. I should!