Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books on My TBR for Summer 2015

Ten Books on My TBR for summer 2015

1. Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame

2. Little House series - Laura Ingalls Wilder

3.  Life on the Mississippi - Mark Twain

4. Life and Times of Frederick Douglass - Frederick Douglass

5. Lord of the Flies - William Golding

6. The Kill - Émile Zola

7. Up From Slavery - Booker T. Washington

8. The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

9. Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell 

10. A surprise????  
American Sniper - Chris Kyle (I read American Wife, by Taya Kyle, but I am even more apprehensive about Chris' story.  This is not an easy topic to cover.)
Roots - Alex Haley (Why not continue with the slave narratives?  A good friend of mine said this one was excellent.)
Institutes of the Christian Religion - John Calvin (Maybe something more for my school year research.)


Sharon Wilfong said...

What a wonderful reading list. I cannot remember which, I've read: Up From Slavery or Douglas' bio. I've got to dig through my books and find out so I can read the other one.

I haven't read Kyle's wife's book but I did read American Sniper. Not to prejudice you but he doesn't, in my opinion, come off so much heroic as he does juvenile. But I've read a number Seal Team bios and it seems to be the personality type of the kind of men who become Seal Team members. I guess they have to be that way because who else would have the gumption to do what they do.
It's still a worthwhile read so I don't want to discourage you from reading it. (Just know there's plenty of raw language).

As for the others, I hope you're going to share your thoughts on them. I've read all but Zola. I've not read any Zola. Should I?

Ruth said...

Thanks, Sharon.

About Zola, yes. I read Germinal first. It too, is raw in content, but it is effective. He is brutally honest. He features wicked characters, as well as innocent characters. So I am starting back at book one and working my way through the Rougon-Marquart series. (I hope I spelled that right.) The Kill will be my third. Give one a try and see what you think.

As for American Sniper: my husband read it, too, and when he was done, he asked, "I guess I really don't know what makes him heroic," or something like that. He said it was sad and dysfunctional. From the movie alone I got the impression that these guys are of a special breed b/c their mindset is not like most people. And maybe God just makes some men (and women) to be born warriors, and regular civilians may not comprehend what makes them tick.


Sharon Wilfong said...

HI Ruth. I forgot to mention that I reviewed the book as well as another. Here's the link if your interested.
And here's another about a Navy SEAL who became a Christian.

Joseph said...

I only have six novels I've given 5 stars to, and you have three of them here. I'll look forward to your reviews of all of these, but especially, Lord of the Flies, Grapes of Wrath, and Gone with the Wind.

Ruth said...

So, I'm assuming you gave those five stars to the three you mention? I would definitely give five stars to GWTW. It's my second read, and it's an epic novel.

Joseph said...

Yes...the three I mentioned are the three I gave five stars.

Lois Tinúviel said...

You have an awesome reading list! I've always meant to read Calvin's institutes but I still haven't gotten around to it! They're so daunting! Wind in the Willows is a great story for summer and exquisitely beautiful!

Unknown said...

Oh I love your list! I want to read Anne of Green Gables so bad but I have to finish my Classics Club list first! I like that you let your reading subject lead you to other books that form a theme. Slavery and War have been two "theme" results started by Gone with the Wind. :)

o said...

Great list! LOVE Wind in the Willows, an absolute favourite, and also The Kill - hope you enjoy those :)