Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten All Time Favorite Authors

Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors

(In alphabetical order)

How I narrowed it down: these are authors whose works I have reread or read more than one title or hope to reread again or read more from them in the future.

1. Jane Austen

2. Willa Cather

3. Charles Dickens
Portrait of Mr. Charles Dickens, by Frank Fell
4.  George Orwell
George Orwell, by Fabrizio Casetta

5.  Howard Pyle

6.  Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy, by Nikolai Ge

7.  Mark Twain
Mark Twain, Scott Parker Studio

8.  Edith Wharton

9.  Laura Ingalls Wilder

10. Émile Zola

Honorable Mention:
Fyodor Dostoevsky


o said...

Great list! I think mine would be very similar. :)

I must read some Willa Carther - I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't read her yet.

Ruth said...

I think you would appreciate Cather. She is a pleasant writer. Heavenali usually does a Cather week in December, if you want any ideas.

Susanna said...

OH MY GOODNESS. My list would be almost identical to yours. You know what they say, great minds think alike : )

Cleo said...

Okay, I'm going to rely on you to attempt to increase my appreciation of Dickens. I've tried, I really have, but while there are certain things to admire about his books, I would place at least 40 authors before him on my list. His books are always so verbose and have characters that are so extreme that I have trouble stepping into the story. I enjoy his books but don't usually love them.

Howard Pyle makes #6! Wow! That is a huge compliment.

I really have to read some novels by Mark Twain. I think I've read either Tom or Huck at some point, but perhaps not. It's a shame really, because he's so admired.

Great list!

Cleo said...

Ooops, sorry, make that #5. That's an even better compliment! :-)

Unknown said...

I love Willa Cather! I totally forgot about her. She would've been on my list if I had remembered her! Great list :)

Lois Tinúviel said...

You have some awesome ones here! I'm going to read my first Emile Zola book this year. I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of him until I got into the Classics Club. Besides him though I think I've pretty much read a book by all of your favorite authors.

Jillian said...

But he wrote A CHRISTMAS CAROL. He is utter magic, surrounded by lots of words. :)

Unknown said...

Hmmmm. I knew about Pyle as illustrator but not as author. Well, even this old dog can learn new tricks. Ain't blogging a wonderful learning experience! Arf! Arf!

Ruth said...

Cleo - I put them in alphabetical order b/c there is no way I could decide, since I constantly change my mind. So Pyle comes up at #5. Anyway, I'm fond of his Medieval stories. I just love Robin Hood. But otherwise, he probably would have been #10, if I had to zero down the order. And Dostoevsky probably would have been on the list if I read anything else from him, but I have not, yet.

Also, I know your feelings about Dickens, and I agree. I like him because of his storytelling, his outlandish characters, and the way he brings everything together at the very end. I had a hard time enjoying Great Expectations, but the ending redeemed the whole story. Then there is Christmas Carol, which is such an easy story to love. So, I can be at both ends with Dickens, but I am still determined to read more from him. That's how he made my list.

Ruth said...

RT, Yes it is. : )
I like Pyle for his medieval tales, such as The Story of King Arthur and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. I'm hope to read his Book of Pirates someday soon.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Lois. I wonder which Zola you are reading?

Ruth said...

Me, too! Thanks!

Ruth said...

Yes, I've heard that! : D

Jason C said...

No objections from me for your #1 choice. I have struggled mightily with Dickens and he's been a real thorn in my side. I am actually reading my first Zola right now and may have just discovered a new favorite author. Not a fan of Wharton, sorry. Cather is meh but I'm willing to read more by her. Orwell is amazing. Animal Farm is brilliant but I really want to read his essays.

Ruth said...

Actually, I put them in alphabetical order b/c I could not decide an order. Like you, I change my mind a lot about my favorites.

I understand about Dickens. No problem on Wharton.

James said...

Great list that includes some that I favor like Dickens, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy. I'm not sure I could narrow my list to ten but I would have to include Proust, Thomas Mann, Faulkner, and George Eliot.

Ruth said...

Ah, three authors I have yet to read. I'm still in the infancy of my lit journey, and I have much to explore.