Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my winter TBR

Top Ten Tuesday via The Broke and the Bookish:

Top ten books on my winter TBR:

I only know of eight, but that number may grow.  
Let's say winter is from December through March, 
then this is what I know for sure I plan to read.

Working my way through this epic novel, 
I will still be reading War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy.

My Antonia, by Willa Cather, 
will count toward my Willa Cather Reading Week project.

Meditations, by Rene Descartes, 
counts towards TWEM biographies.  
Wow! I haven't read Descartes since college.

Beowulf, translated by J.R.R. Tolkien, 
counts towards the Literary Movement Reading Challenge.

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, by John Bunyan, 
counts towards both the Literary Movement Reading Challenge and TWEM biographies.

The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration, by Mary Rowlandson, 
counts towards TWEM biographies.

Confessions, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 
counts towards the Literary Movement Reading Challenge and TWEM biographies.

Finally, I always read this to my kids a week before Christmas:
A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens;
and we own this copy illustrated by P.J. Lynch.
It's beautiful!


eli @ the (book) supplier said...

Your list takes me back to my years as an English major. I haven't read any Willa Cather in years. Happy reading, mate.

o said...

Great list as ever! :)

I've not read any Willa Cather, so I'm looking forward to your thoughts. I think I have My Antonia somewhere, I've actually had it for years - really I should put it on my TBR list.

Lois TinĂºviel said...

Good luck on tackling War and Peace. I think I might put that off for awhile. ;)

Ruth said...

WC is a great writer. I really enjoyed O Pioneers!, and it is part of a trilogy. My Antonia is one of the others. But I don't think you have to read them in any order.

Ruth said...

Thanks. It is quite a commitment.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Eli.

James said...

I love your list! I'll be reading some of Tolstoy's shorter fiction plus a biography by Rosamund Bartlett. I'm overdue to reread My Antonia and I cannot help but envy your upcoming reading enjoyment.

Heidi’sbooks said...

War and Peace is on my TBR. I doubt I'll get to it this winter. I'm way too busy. But I'm nearly done the recommended stories in The Canterbury Tales.

Cleo said...

Ah, I'm still plodding through Teresa of Avila! I have my Dante course finished and soon to finish Le Morte d'Arthur, so that will give me tons more time to catch up. I still haven't finished Montaigne either but he's going to be a long project. I quite liked his character and perspective so I'm going to keep reading at an easy pace.

The sight of 4 biographies make me tremble though. Yikes. Gotta get movin'!

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of books to get through! Looks like a lot of good books awaiting you. Is Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners different than Pilgrim's Progress?

Ruth said...

Well, thank you very much. I'm excited about My Antonia. It will be my first time reading it.

Ruth said...

As I understand it, Grace Abounding is his autobiography, whereas PP is an allegory.

Ruth said...

Yay! for you. A great achievement!

I'm looking forward to the next two biographies, for sure.

Ruth said...

W&P is wonderful. I wouldn't begin it in December either.

Ah, Canterbury Tales. That's on my future TBR, for sure.