Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fifty Classics Club Questions 2014

50 Classics Club Questions: 

  1. Link to Club LIST
  2. Joined?  March 2012  Read so far? 58 out of 75
  3. Currently reading? War and Peace, The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila, The Chronicles of Narnia (The Last Battle)
  4. Just finished and what did you think? Little Women (Loved it!)
  5. Reading next? Why? Meditations by Descartes (It's next on TWEM list.)
  6. Best read, and why? Gone With the Wind (It's epic!)
  7. Most anticipated?  The Great Gatsby, Little Women
  8. Avoiding? Why? I would have avoided Russian classics, but thanks to TWEM and The Classics Club, I could not.
  9. First classic ever read?  The Scarlet Letter, or The Old Man and the Sea, or The Red Badge of Courage?  (I was in fourth grade.)
  10. Toughest classic ever read? Great Expectations challenged me.
  11. Classic that inspired you? or scared you? made you cry? made you angry?  Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Portrait of a Lady; The House of Mirth, Gone With the Wind, Germinal, and Little Women
  12. Longest classic read?  War and Peace
  13. Oldest classic read?  Confessions by Augustine
  14. Biography on a classic author you most want to read? Too many.
  15. Classic EVERYONE should read? Why?  To Kill a Mockingbird for its message on humanity, truth, and forgiveness.
  16. Favorite edition of a classic you own, if any? n/a
  17. Favorite movie adaption of a classic? "Gone With the Wind," and "Pride and Prejudice" (2005)
  18. Classic you wish would be adapted to film. n/a
  19. Least favorite classic? Why? Heart of Darkness by Conrad (Well, at least it wasn't as bad as the film adaptation, Apocalypse Now.)
  20. Five authors you haven’t read and cannot wait to read.  Capote, Wilkie Collins, Victor Hugo, Virgil, and Homer (apprehensively)
  21. Title from above list that most excites you and why? Les Misérables (Obviously)
  22. Disliked on [second] read and tried again and respected, appreciated, and ended up loving? The Old Man and the Sea
  23. Classic character you can’t get out of your head? Right now? Natasha from War and Peace (I'm reading W&P every night.)
  24. Which classic character most reminds you of yourself? Scarlet O'Hara or Jo March
  25. Which classic character do you most wish you could be like? Maybe Mrs. March from Little Women, but I've tried wishing to be like someone else, yet I always end up being me.
  26. Which classic character reminds you of your best friend? Melanie from Gone With the Wind
  27. Which classic would you read an additional 500 pages?  Why?  Jane Eyre: I never wanted it to end; it had only begun when Jane and Mr. Rochester reconciled.  
  28. Favorite children’s classic? Little House on the Prairie (series)
  29. Who recommended your first classic? A teacher.  It was required reading in fourth grade.
  30. Whose advice do you always take when it comes to literature.  Jillian or Fanda or Cleo or Jean
  31. Favorite memory with a classic? Starting Moby Dick, summer 2012, while hanging out in the pool after thinking I would have never read MD in my entire lifetime.
  32. Read the most of? Dickens
  33. Most works on club list?  Dickens
  34. Own the most books by?  Laura Ingalls Wilder (10+), Dickens (6), and Austen, Twain, and Steinbeck (w/ 5)
  35. Classic title(s) not on original club list that were added since?  Almost my entire "Supplemental List"
  36. If you could explore one author’s literary career from first publication to last? Émile Zola
  37. Rereads are on your club list? Eight; Most looking forward to? Walden by Thoreau   
  38. Could not finish? Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
  39. Classic title expected to dislike and ended up loving? Return of the Native by Hardy
  40. Next year looking forward to? Fanda's Literary Movement Reading Challenge, reading more classics from TWEM list and TBR list, and being available to join more reading challenges as they present themselves.  
  41. DEFINITELY GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year? Any Emile Zola
  42. NOT GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year? I have no excuse not to finish anything on my CC list b/c I only have about 17 books left.
  43. Favorite thing about being member of the Classics Club? Connections with other classic lit readers
  44. Fellow clubbers whose blogs you frequent. Why?  Some of my longtime favorites are  Behold the Stars, Classical Carousel, Fanda Classiclit, Howling Frog Books, Classical QuestRavens and Writing Desks, Exploring Classics; plus newfound clubbers are also on my blog roll in the sidebar.  (If you are on my blog roll, it is b/c you have a classic lit concentration and I love following your journey through classics.)  (P.S. If you aren't on my blog roll, and you have a classic lit focus, I just haven't found you, yet.  Let me know where I can find you!!!)
  45. Favorite post by fellow clubber? Can't decide.  So many!
  46. If you’ve ever participated in a read-along, tell about the experience?   Hamlette's (Edge of the Precipice) The Old Man and the Sea read-along; Didn't think I'd enjoy rereading TOMATS, but needed to read it again and discuss it w/ others to have a better perspective.
  47. Possible read-along you would participate in?  Why?  I am going to need encouragement getting through the Greek histories and plays on my WEM list.
  48. How long have you been reading classic literature?  As a serious lit student: since January 2012.
  49. A few posts that reveal a bit about your reading story.  "Experiencing the world through great literature," "A New Year: A New Expectation"
  50. Question you wish was on this questionnaire? After 49 questions, I'm good!


Jillian said...

Gone with the Wind is what I recorded on this for my favorite club read too! You are surprised? ;-) I didn't know you identify with Scarlett! ♥

Jillian said...

PS - I know my blog is ridiculous (the great vanishing wonder) but I have this survey up right now. Which I only mention because it's fun to read one another's. Certainly no expectation for a comment! (Though it is always good to hear from you.) :-)

Ruth said...

In my youth, I was definitely a Scarlet. She's a strong willed spoiled brat with a strong resistance, who always has to get her way. That's how I was, too. However, I've had a personality adjustment since then. So really my underlying nature identifies with Scarlet.

Fanda Classiclit said...

Yayy to Émile Zola! :D

You are reading War & Peace and Saint Teresa Avilla simultaneously? must be hard!
How do you like W&P? I liked it, except Tolstoy's long essay about war. It's not the length, but that he repeatedly reviewed the same topic over and over again.

Carol Apple said...

Interesting that you are reading "The Life of St. Therese of Avila." A couple years ago I read her "The Interior Castle" and was intrigued by her as a person.I guess "The Republic" by Plato is my oldest unless you count the Old Testament. I think parts of that are older. "The Heart of Darkness" is also one of my least favorites although "As I Lay Dying" and "Moby Dick" vie for that position.

Anyway, great list of questions and answers. Does this list come from The Classics Club website or is it your own contribution? I might like to publish this list of questions with my answers.

Ruth said...

I am pleasantly enjoying W&P and I actually did not mind the war sections; however, I am only half way through and I am assuming there are more war sections??? Right now I am going through the parts about Natasha and her life, which is intriguing.

Ruth said...

You can find it on The Classics Club. It was a lot of fun. : )

Joseph said...

Everyone should have a best friend like are blessed. Enjoyed your answers.

Ashley said...

I need to watch Gone with the Wind. I think the movie will motivate me to read the book!!

Now that you mention it, Jane Eyre could go on a really long time! That would be an interesting read!

I had fun reading your answers!!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Joseph.

Yep! A Melanie is a great friend to have.

Ruth said...

Hi, Ashley, I answered you over at your blog!

Cleo said...

What fun reading your answers! Thanks so much for the kind words about me ..... it's so wonderful that there is a group of us, and that we can exchange books and ideas! Next year Zola will definitely be at the top of my list. This year I tried to read more of his works, but ended up being distracted.

Have fun finishing up War and Peace. I loved Tolstoy's war digressions. Even if repetitive, he saw things from such a different perspective and was so sensible in his observations that, at the completion of W&P, I felt like I had received the benefit of reading three books, instead of just one.

Cat said...

Really enjoyed reading your answers . I haven't officially joined up yet but seriously thinking of participating in Fanda's Challenge .........and I'm planning to begin The Rougon-Marquart series in the new year.

Ruth said...

You're welcome. I did not elaborate on each blog, but it would have been nice to do so b/c each one is so unique. (For example, you are witty and humorous with your reviews, and highly entertaining.)

As for W&P, I also am enjoying the sections on war, which I originally thought would intimidate me. Nah! I am just loving all of it.

Ruth said...

Hi, Cat, I wrote over at your blog's CC's 50 Questions post, too.

I would love, love, love to dedicate a reading challenge to the Rougon-Marquart series. That would be great. But for now, if I can get through one or two Zola a year, that would be sufficient.

And Fanda's challenge is going to be a great experience. If you like to do things chronologically, it is a great way to organize your proposed reading for the year.