Sunday, October 19, 2014

Literary Movement Reading Challenge 2015

This has to be the most challenging reading challenge I have yet discovered.  It is at Fanda Classiclit. (Man, I feel like I'm going to school again.)  Here are the rules:

1.  Reading (or rereading) at least one book each month according to the literary movements we are covering; here is the list:

                                   January       : Medieval
                                   February     : Renaissance
                                   March          : Enlightenment
                                   April            : Romanticism
                                   May             : Transcendentalism
                                   June            : Victorian
                                   July             : Realism
                                   August        : Naturalism
                                   September  : Existentialism
                                   October       : Modernism
                                   November  : The Beat Generation or The Bloomsbury Group
                                   December   : Post-Modernism

2.  To learn about each movement, you can click the link on the above list, it will direct you to pages I have created for each movement. I gathered the information from Wikipedia and/or online-literature, or other sources. If you want to have more details, you can click the sources links as well.

3.  Just as other movements, time period of literary movement might be overlapping one another. And one author could be influenced by more than one movement. For example, I put Dostoyevsky in Existentialism, but he might be regarded also as a Realist.
Q: So, in what month should I put him?
A:  Pick one of them, and read the book, after that you can analyze, in what movement Dostoyevsky shall be put.
Q: What if I have put him in the wrong movement/month, must I move the post to the right one?
A:  No need to do that, this challenge IS to learn about the movements. See point 4 next.

4.  Brief analysis - Inside your review, you are required to add brief (or long if you like) analysis about the book/author you have read, to answer these questions:
a.  Whether he/she fits the literary movement you have categorized him/her? Tell us your reason.
b.  If not, where he/she should be? Tell us your reason.
c.   If he/she doesn’t fit, who do you think would fit better? Again, the reason, please...
d.  [optional] What do you think about this literary movement? How did it correlate with our civilization?
This way we can learn more about the literary movements, from others’ reviews as well as ours.

5.  As the goal is to learn how literary (and the civilization) have been evolving, you are required to read according to the movements in the fixed order.

6.  A linky will be opened on the 15th of each month for each movement post, and will beclosed on the 15th of the next month.

7.  The champions will be they who (would be announced after the challenge is closed):
a.  Read at least one book for each movement (at least 12 movements); the more the better.
b.  Submit their reviews according to the movements, in time.

8.  The challenge focus is not how many books we’d read, but whether we could manage to read for all the movements in the right order, in the right time. This need courage and discipline, so we deserve some incentive. How about a book that you have been dreaming on? At the end of the challenge (only if the participants are at least 5 excluding me), I will pick one winner randomly from the champions (see point 7), to win: 1 (one) copy of your dream book of $20 or less from The Book Depository. Yeah, unfortunately, only one winner would get the prize, but if you want, YOU can set your own prize you would reward yourself if you succeeded the challenge!

9.  So, are you sure you really want to do this? I don’t…. But, I am going to do it anyway, as “life—says the wise Forrest Gump—is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’ll get!” Maybe I would enjoy the challenge very much; or maybe I would be much enlightened after this; well…at least, I would be able to say, that… I have never failed on MY own challenges. How’s that??

10. If you’d like to join, just submit your blog/Goodreads (where you would post your reviews) link in the  linky below.

For any feedback/question/discussion, just write in the comment box or mention @Fanda_A at Twitter, using hashtag: #LitMoveRC.




Fanda Classiclit said...

LOL, I feel like going to school again too!
I'm very excited with this right now, I can't wait to grab my first book already...
Thanks for participating, Ruth!

Carol Apple said...

This sounds like so much fun and I am really tempted but I will have to think about the commitment thing. This year my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal was 52 books and I think I will make it, so theoretically I could do this. I write reviews for most of the books I read but I like to mix recent lit with classics and also like to read lots of non-fiction and some poetry.

Cleo said...

Oh, it sounds so tempting, but like Carol, I'm going to take some time to think about joining, instead of jumping into everything with both feet like I did last year. For 2015, I have an Austen challenge that I'm thinking about doing and I would also like focus on reading more poetry and essays (inspired by Carol's recent blog post), not to mention my Classics Club list and Shakespeare Project, so I have to organize my thoughts and reading before really committing to anything. But thankfully your post has prompted me to realize that I need to start organizing soon!

Theoretically I could take my Classics Club list and see how many books fit into these categories, couldn't I. Hmmmm ......... ;-)

Jillian said...

Can't wait to see what you read! :)

Ruth said...

Reading is the best education I have every gotten. I really enjoyed the history challenge, too, and thought about challenging myself to some more history outside of my usual interests. But we'll see. This 2015 challenge will be an education enough.

Ruth said...

You could certainly add poetry to your literary movement challenge. I saw a lot of poets on the list. I think I am adding some non-fiction to my lit movement challenge, too. It could work.

Ruth said...

So do a lot of your challenges go through 2015? I only have my WEM and CC lists that go into 2015, and I am combining some of those titles with my lit movement challenge. And you could add poetry to a lit movement list.

Ruth said...

I put together a list already, but I'm not posting it until we get closer to 2015 b/c I may change it a million times. : )

Unknown said...

This sounds like such a great challenge! I'd love to do it, but I think I'll have my hands full. :) I'm looking forward to see what you choose to read!

Cleo said...

Ah, finally the reply box comes up!

I was planning to carry my C.S. Lewis Project through 2015 as well as the WEM and CC lists. Oh yes, and my Shakespeare Project, although I'm perfectly content to go slowly with that one. I also have my Non-Fiction Adventure that is a dismal failure. Sigh! Now perhaps you understand why I'm trying to be more careful with my challenge choices. :-Z

Anonymous said...

This sounds like an interesting challenge. It'd be hard to get bored because you switch it up every month.

Heidi’sbooks said...

That sounds very challenging! I'm looking forward to seeing your list. I can see where you could use some WEM books in here very easily. SWB actually tries to get each literary era in her lists as well. I'm really stuck right now in Dante's Inferno. I think I'm stuck in the 7th circle of Hell. :) Hopefully I'll get out soon!

Ruth said...

Oh, no! The 7th circle of Hell doesn't sound like a good place to be stuck.

I was able to add a few WEM biographies to my list for next year b/c they lined up nicely w/ some of the lit periods.

Ruth said...

I agree. And some lit periods I do not care for, but this will encourage me to find something I may like from that movement.

Ruth said...

You will definitely have your hands full w/ a new little one on the way, and better than any reading challenge out there.

Sara said...

I'm joining in this one as well-very excited (and a bit nervous lol). Can't wait to get started!

Ruth said...

It is intimidating, huh? But it will be fun.