Friday, October 31, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe

Guess who came through my town last night just in time for Halloween?  Edgar Allan Poe.  

The real Edgar Allan Poe

Actually, his name is Duffy Hudson, an actor from the Los Angeles area who performs all over the United States as Edgar Allan Poe.  I have seen him perform this skit a couple of times, as well as Albert Einstein and all of the characters of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  He is truly mesmerizing.  

Duffy Hudson as Edgar Allan Poe

He performed: "The Tell-Tale Heart;" the poem, "Annabel Lee;" and "The Raven."  
"The Tell-Tale Heart" is one of my favorites since I first read it in high school.  When I was a little girl, I enjoyed watching Vincent Price and his Edgar Allan Poe movies.  I can't believe my mom let me watch them.

Edgar Allan Poe sharing "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Anyway, in between the recitation of stories, Poe shared with us his emotionally tragic and complicated life.  Afterward, he answered questions from the audience.  

One of the questions was something like, why do we have this negative idea of Poe as a man who was not in his right mind?  Mr. Hudson said he thinks it was due to the man who wrote and published Poe's obituary, a writer himself who was envious of Poe, and painted him as a drunk.  

Edgar Allan Poe, contemplating
But Hudson said that Poe was actually quite brilliant, and while he drank, he was not a drunk. Though Hudson portrays Poe as a madman as part of his act, he claims the author was definitely not. Poe suffered from numerous personal events of loss and heartache that would challenge anyone's well-being; but other than that, he was sharp and an extremely talented writer who was definitely in his right mind. 

So, if you hear of Edgar Allan Poe stopping by your literary society in your town, be sure not to miss him.


o said...

This sounds fantastic, I wish I had have seen him! :)

Ruth said...

Hudson is a lot of fun. He literally brings Poe to life.