Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Reading is Over (Sad Face)!

Well, summer is over, and I got through only nine of my sixteen hopefuls from my  Summer Reading Pile.  

I am about 18% through War & Peace, which was rather ambitious of me to think I would be done in three months.  It will probably take another four or five or ten months before I am even close to done since I am taking my time.

In addition, there are three more books to read aloud to my kids from The Chronicles of Narnia, but we should be done before the end of the year.   No prob.

Books from my summer pile that I did not start, but hope to soon, were My √Āntonia and Little Women.  Also, I must read The History of the Kings of Britain and one other similar book before the year is up for my Arthurian Lit Challenge.

One that was not on my summer list, but that I started reading, is Essays by Montaigne.  I need another month to complete this one.  It is not exciting or gripping.  It is philosophy and requires active thought.  Ugh! I would rather go on an adventure.

Speaking of adventures, the one that I will complete before anything else is The Journals of Lewis and Clark, which only a history nerd could love.  Thus, being a history nerd,  it is quite enjoyable, and I cannot wait to write about it.

This summer was the busiest I have had in a very long time.  Usually during the summer, after we set up our pool, my days are spent sitting in a floating chair with a good book, while the kids swim.  But this year we spent our time traveling, camping, hiking, and hanging out with friends. While I always had a book with me, it was not always feasible to pull it out and read. And now with school starting in a week or two, I am too busy with planning.

Hopefully, after school starts, I will be able to get back into a schedule of reading more often.  Or else, I will just have to return to one book at a time.  Noooooo!!!!


Cleo said...

Ah ha! What happened to the old "one-book-at-a-time" Ruth? :-)

I read 13 of my (im)possible 25 books. I was happy with that. There were a few tomes that I didn't even start but I have decided I need to limit my chunkster reading. My 2015 resolution is one chunkster at a time and finish before I start another.

You've been very quiet, but your summer sounds very enjoyable. I should be planning school but I'm dragging my feet. I must get to it ~ after Labour Day, for sure. :-)

Ruth said...

I really don't want to return to one book at a time b/c having numerous books going at once gives you an option to choose what to read according to your mood. So I hope not to go back to that.

Well, you got through half, which is like me. Yeah, those epic reads are daunting. I had to completely remove Les Mis from my list this year.

So it sounds like you begin school much later. We have our opening day this week, but we officially start next week.