Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Wharton Review @ Brona's Books

Do you feel like reading Edith Wharton?  Brona @ Brona's Books is hosting The Wharton Review for the entire month of May.  You can read anything by or about Wharton.  

In 2013, I read The House of Mirth for my Well-Educated Mind challenge.  I fell in love with Wharton's writing style and story-telling. (And The House of Mirth is a bewitching story, too.)  I immediately bought a copy of The Age of Innocence; but since I need encouragement when deciding what to read next, I have not read it, yet.  This is a perfect opportunity to dive into this 1921 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.  

I cannot wait!

Want to join?  See Brona.


Brona said...

Lovely to have you on board Ruth.
Age of Innocence is probably my favourite Wharton so far - I've read it twice and enjoyed the movie with Daniel day Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer several times too :-)

Ruth said...

I did not know it was a movie. And Daniel Day Lewis is my favorite actor. Now I have to see it...after I read the book, of course.

Brona said...

Ahhh the movie is quite luscious. It's a real visual treat - it did affect the way I reread the novel afterwards though, but in a good way I think.