Monday, March 3, 2014

Zoladdiction in April 2014

For awhile, I have been reading about great praise for Émile Zola, and now I am finally going to read Émile Zola Fanda @ Fanda Classic Lit is hosting a Zola reading event in April, and I am going to start with Germinal.  If you are interested, here is the way to join:

  • You must have a blog or Goodreads account to post your reviews.
  • Register yourself in the linky below (submit your blog or Goodreads’ profile URL).
  • Help me to spread the Zoladdiction, either by putting the Zoladdiction button on your sidebar, or by discussing the event on Twitter using hashtag #Zoladdiction2014.
  • Start reading Zola’s works when your calendar turns to April 1st, of course :)
  • In addition to reading the books, you are welcomed to post anything concerning Zola during April.
  • The master post would be up on April 1st with a linky where you can put all your posts.
  • There’s no level or deadline, you can satisfy (or start, if you’re a new fan of Zola) your Zoladdiction by reading as many books as you like the whole month!
  • I encourage you to post a brief wrap up in the end of Zoladdiction (the linky will be closed only in May 10), and let us know how do you feel/think after delving into Zola works for a month. I’m just curious how you all manage with Zola….

So, how Zoladdicted are you? Will you join? ;)


Unknown said...

I did the same last year: joined the event and read my first Zola book, which was Germinal. It was AWESOME! So, it's a great choice, and I hope you'll love it as much as I did! :)

Riv said...

I also read Germinal during Zoladdiction last year and it ended up being one of my TOP5 books of the year. I hope you will like it too.

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading Germinal. So far it is an excellent novel. Had I know about the challenge I might have waited until April!

I've read Nana as well in the past and remember liking it, but it was almost 10 years ago. That is considered one of his other big novels. Are you planning to read that as well?

Cleo said...

Glad to see you're joining, Ruth! I'm going to read La Curée and possibly L'Argent for the challenge. I'm going through the Rougon-Macquart series from Zola's recommended reading order.

Ruth said...

That is exactly what I have read about this book. Thanks for the encouragement.

Ruth said...

Same here. I am excited about trying an author who gets such rave reviews. Finally!

Ruth said...

Germinal is the only book I know so far; and only because Fanda and several others have praised his work, I know anything of Zola at all. This is my first, and if I like him, I will be really excited about reading his other books. So I will keep Nana in mind, too. Thanks.

Ruth said...

That is really a great idea to read his works in order. Are you going to read them in French?

Brona said...

So much love out there for Zola.
I'm glad I joined up for this years readalong too.
Good luck & I look forward to hearing about your journey with Germinal.