Sunday, November 24, 2013

Arthurian Lit Challenge 2014

Jean @ Howling Frog Books is hosting an Arthurian Lit Challenge for 2014.  While my 2014 year is already packed with reading commitments, I cannot miss an opportunity to read King Arthur or other Medieval literature for that matter.  It is one of my favorite periods of history.

I chose Squire, and here is my list of books to read for this challenge:
(Green highlighted titles are reviewed.)

Four Arthurian Romances - Chretien de Troyes 

The History of the Kings of Britain - Geoffrey of Monmouth

If you are interested, head over to Howling Frog Books to read the rules and sign up.


Jean said...

Wow! Hooray, Ruth, you picked some great stuff! Geoffrey is really quite interesting--only about 20% of the book is devoted to Arthur (and a good bit of that is Merlin's "prophecies," which were a best-seller all on their own, like Nostradamus, that stuff was big then) but you'll find all sorts of legendary-type people. Keep an eye out for King Lear and Old King Cole! Note that practically all of it is made up--Geoffrey had political reasons for writing his book, but little source material. :)

Tori said...

I so want to join you on one of these challenges! How on earth will you be able to do them while homeschooling?

Ruth said...

Thanks for letting me know about Chr├ętien because I think I am going to enjoy that. And History of Kings should be interesting given that it is fable. I'm really excited about this. Thanks!

Ruth said...

I have no idea, but I couldn't say no to Arthurian literature. Ever since our Medieval year, I love Medieval literature.

So next year I committed to reading about 22 books, and this year I should be able to finish that many. Somehow reading 1-2 chapters a day is working. You can do it, too!!!!!

Jean said...

I'm not sure either, but so far so good. (I homeschool two kids.) Oh, one thing--I've gotten pretty good at reading while doing other things, like brushing my teeth or cooking. Plus my house is messy. :)

I find SWB's talk "Educating our children while we educate ourselves" to be very encouraging about carving out time for reading even though you're running a household and homeschooling."

Ruth said...

I've tried reading while cooking, but it doesn't work for me. And, yep! My house cleaning has suffered, too, I admit.

I agree w/ SWB and self-education. (Homeschooling really is learning along with your children.) But making time for reading is so rewarding. I wish I could do more.

P.S. The best places for reading are long waits at the orthodontist, dentist, and doctor visits.

Cleo said...

My daughter loves sports so waiting at practices and games are good times to read.

Plus, if you can get away at least once a year, even if it's just for a weekend, that's a great time to catch up if you are behind on your reads!

And I am another homeschooler with a not-so-clean house *** raises hand *** ;-)

Cleo said...

I must admit, I borrowed your idea for the Four Arthurian Romances for my stack, and your History of the Kings of Britain looked good too, but I decided that I must show some originality! ;-) Great choices, Ruth! Now all that is left is to get started. The only Arthur books that I've read from Jean's Old and Modern list are Once and Future King and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, so it is time to learn more about this interesting and historically elusive king