Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Classics Club October Meme #15

This month's Classics Club meme asks members to feature another member on their own blog. 

Since I could not decide on one, here are a couple of bloggers I want to feature.  

The first blogger is Fanda @ Fanda Classiclit.  Fanda is amazing!  Here is her introduction of herself: 
 A woman who is eager to read, write and learn new challenges. Book blogger, and a classics novels lover. I lived in Surabaya, Indonesia, not an English speaker but try hard to post in English.  
She reads a variety of classics and offers a thorough review about the plot, characters, and her opinion of the book.  She often includes gorgeous works of art with her reviews.  While working through several different challenges, she is also reading through some titles from The Well-Educated Mind and answering the questions. Her latest review truly captivated me: The Life of Saint Theresa of Ă€vila; it is truly extensive, and she may not even be done writing about it, yet.  

The second blogger is Jean @ Howling Frog Books.  Jean is a homeschool mom, and reads a ton of books.  You can find a range of genre on her blog : classics, children's lit, history, non-fiction, and more. Her reviews are to the point but give just enough information, along with her honest opinion. She is also impressively working through numerous challenges.  Here is a recent example of one of those posts that I am talking about: Bloodlands.


Fanda Classiclit said...

Aww...thanks Ruth!
And about The Life of Teresa Avila, it is an inspiring book, but also a tiring one to read, and I think I've done with it. I can dwell in it for a little longer, but there are a lot of interesting books I want to read too. So..gotta move on now! ;)

Ruth said...

You are welcome, Fanda. I think I wrote this last week when you were still going through the stages of questions, so you kept adding posts about Teresa Avila. Anyway, it was very interesting, but I know what you mean about moving on. So many books! Not enough time.

Jean said...

Hey, thank you!! I've been taking a little break for the past few days--what a nice surprise to come back to!

Ruth said...

My pleasure!