Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fifteen Day Book Blogger Challenge, the Final Questions

Day Twelve: How to you fight blogger fatigue?  I have never had blogger fatigue; maybe because I just don't have enough time to write.  When I am able, I really appreciate the time that I do have.

Day Thirteen: Describe one under-appreciated book everyone should read.  Wow! This is really difficult because right now I am only reading the classics, and everyone knows the classics.

Currently, I am reading Native Son by Richard Wright, and I had never heard of it before.  This is a really great book because it is well written about the highly emotional topics of racism and hate.  It only covers a few days in the life of one boy who really represents black Americans as a whole during the early 1900s. He commits a few crimes and his attorney takes on his case to defend his life and the entire black race by acting as his client's only witness in order to explain WHY he committed these crimes, which is the important question.  Yes, he committed the crimes, but WHY did he do it?  How can we stop the cycle of hate on both sides?  The author addresses some really important issues of our time.

Day Fourteen: Tell us your deal breakers.  It hasn't happened, yet, but I think I would stop reading a book if it is offensive to my faith or my politics, depending on the context.

For example, if the author's intent is to mock God or Christians or blaspheme God, that would constitute the end.  In Native Son, the main character blasphemes God's name often, and first I was tempted to just cross it out when I came to it because I read it as the character's flaw or his personal issue, not the author testing God.  I still started to cross out the words because I did not want to read it. But now I think I believe that the author was testing God because of his feelings against God.  However, it's too late to stop reading it because I am already done.

And as far as my politics go, it is the same situation.  Mock my conservative principles or values, and I will lose interest immediately.

And one more thing that would be a deal breaker is way too much detail on intimate situations.  I don't need it.  But I may just skip over it.  Depends.

Day Fifteen: Who are your book blogging mentors?   I don't have blogging mentors, but mentors, being experts or advisors, are similar to my favorite blogging friends, whom I mentioned on Day Three.  They are on the same or a similar journey as me through The Well-Educated Mind, and I like to read their posts on how they reviewed the same book I reviewed; sometimes we get different perspectives, and sometimes we are thinking the same.  Some have really great insight and some find the most interesting and relevant information off the internet.   It adds to the experience of blogging and reading through TWEM.

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