Monday, August 19, 2013

Fifteen Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day Eleven

Being controversial, it is not a surprise that some of my favorite posts would be...controversial.  I have strong opinions, and I love to share them.  Combine that with a forum to discuss the classics, and I get my favorite blog posts:

1. The Crucible, Arthur Miller, and Communism, part one and The Crucible, Arthur Miller, and Communism, part two   It wasn't even an assignment, but I did take time to research the reason Miller wrote The Crucible and then more research on who Arthur Miller was and then even more research on Joe McCarthy.  All I did was read a play; and it was enlightening.

2. What if Harriet Beecher Stowe made an argument against abortion instead of slavery?  While I was going through my inquiry questions for Uncle Tom's Cabin, I found Stowe's arguments against slavery just as useful for another dark practice in our nation's present history. Arguments for slavery in pre-Civil War America regarded blacks as property; today it is the unborn baby that is considered property and vulnerable to its owner's will.

3. Tom Sawyer, Boys, and the Spirit of Adventure  This was fun to write because it was very personal; I even shared photos of me in my carefree days with one of my best friends from high school.  She got me out of my shell and forced me to have adventures.  While reading Tom Sawyer, I thought about boys and their spirit for adventure, and how we must encourage them (and children in general) to follow that call, as opposed to quelling it, which seems to be commonplace today.

4.  The Red Badge of Courage: A Coming of Age Story  This I read in elementary school, but was too young to even grasp its arguments.  Now as an adult, I was able to have a different perspective, and it was quite meaningful this second time around.  OK, and I really enjoyed adding my own pictures from a Civil War re-enactment that I attended.

5. O Pioneers! by Willa Cather  This book took me by surprise, and so I really enjoyed writing about it.  That's all.

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