Fifteen Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day Eight

By the way, I skipped Day Seven.  Seriously, you missed nothing.

Day Eight: Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

1. A simple layout; less is more.  (Howling Frog Books and Breadcrumb Reads are just a couple of examples of blogs that I find pleasant to view and easy to read.)

2. Order, not chaos.

2. Beautiful artwork or photos to accompany literature.  (Fanda at Classic Lit shares beautiful artwork with her posts, and Adriana @ Classical Quest uses her own breathtaking photos.)

3. Personal stories and reaction to literature that changes lives, not just a synopsis (Adriana @ Classical Quest is a pro at this.)

4. Prefer short and sweet, to-the-point posts; but if the topic is interesting, I don't mind reading a long post.

5. Just about anything on classical literature gets my attention. (See anyone on my blog roll.)

6. I appreciate sarcasm or humor; does not have to be intellectual all the time (The ladies @ Classic Case of Madness are not only intriguing, but often hysterical.)

7. Honesty

8. Maturity (An example of a mature blog: Classics Journal.)

9. Character (Definitely Délaissé!)

10. Loves to share one's enthusiasm for particular literature.  (I get the feeling Emily @ Classics and Beyond loves to share her passion for what she reads.)

11. Loves to connect with others who have the same enjoyment for common literature

Oh, no!  I'm short four.

Can you think of any others?  What attracts you to a book blog?  What keeps you coming back for more?


  1. Thank you for mentioning me and linking to my blog! I'm glad my enthusiasm comes through. :) I totally agree with you about "order, not chaos." There are some blogs that I would like to read, but there are so many things grabbing my attention on the page that I can't even focus.

    1. You're welcome. Yes, your excitement and your passion about what you read is definitely evident in your posts, and it makes it enjoyable to read.

  2. Thank you, Ruth! So nice of you to mention me. I also agree about order vs. chaos--sometimes I can't see to read the post! :)