Fifteen Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day Two

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge from Good Books and Good Wine

Day Two: What is your bedtime reading ritual?

I try to have one, but it is impossible.  I hate to blame it on my situation again, but I have five kids.  In my dream life, everyone cleans up after dinner, washes up, brushes their teeth, gets into pjs, and is ready for bed by 8 PM without me having to tell everyone six times what to do next.  Then we read a few books together, and all children are in bed by 8:30.  Afterward, I get to put my feet up and read for an hour or two or three.  

But it doesn't happen like that.  I am grateful if I even have energy left to read with my kids at the end of the day, if we even make it that far.  

BTW, that is why I try to find time to read during the day while they are playing - or why I don't mind visits to the doctor's office.  Someday I hope to have more energy to read at bedtime.

What about you: do you read before bedtime?


  1. I admire your discipline to keep reading, Ruth. I too, often wish to have more time to read, but I have learned to be grateful of what I have in life, and try to fill every spare time with as much reading as I can.

  2. I'm always amazed that you ever find the time to read, Ruth! Your daily schedule and routine sounds so exhausting! When I'm tired my mind is a blank which makes reading out of the question for me. Kudos to you! ...and yeah...I understand that you would enjoy the long waits at the doctor's office. :D