Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Well-Educated Mind Novels: The Final Stretch

Now that I have survived The Trial, I am looking forward to my next book from The Well-Educated Mind novel list: Native Son by Richard Wright.  

In addition, I am finishing O Pioneers! by Willa Cather, which I do not know yet what to do with because it is light reading compared with those on TWEM list.  Reading through TWEM list has been like a daily strenuous workout that builds muscle so that once difficult labor now seems easy.

However, one weakness of mine is buying books, and I am always searching for titles on TWEM list.  This year alone I bought The Stranger, Invisible Man, and Song of Solomon at my local library for 25 cents each; and I found a copy of Possession at a used bookstore just a few weeks ago. Last week my son gave me his $40 gift card for Barnes and Noble that he was sure he would not use, in exchange for the cash, and I used the gift card to purchase two more books: White Noise by Don Delillo and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I knew I could get a couple other titles on TWEM list from Amazon for less than B&N, so I purchased If on a winter's night a traveler by Italo Calvino and Seize the Day by Saull Bellow.

Then I realized that I now have all of the books from the list of novels and that I am on the final stretch and can see the finish line.  I am fully invested in finishing what I started a little over a year and a half ago, and I have made a commitment to finishing this project.  Granted, anything can happen, as in life it usually does.  Aside from my marriage to my awesome husband and homeschooling my five kids, this is the first time in a long time that I remember ever really committing myself to something long term without doubting myself or chickening out.  

I am really grateful that God has given me this desire to read.  It is so delightful, and this is a project I am especially enjoying.  It is not a burden, but rather something I look forward to. Each book has been more than a story, but rather like an experience; and as I complete one adventure, I always wonder what my next one will reveal. 

The Final Stretch:

Native Son
The Stranger
Invisible Man
Seize the Day
One Hundred Years of Solitude
If on a winter's night a traveler
Song of Solomon
White Noise


  1. Whoo Hoo! Yea! It's so exciting to see the list of remaining titles.

    1. It's exciting to see the END of that list, too! Only what? Ten more months?

  2. Looking at the list, I thought YEARS! But you have gone through them so quickly! Inspirational =)

    1. Seriously, it's going to take about ten years to go through the entire WEM list. But it has really been worth it. I wish I didn't wait so long to start reading. Thanks!

  3. I have noticed such a difference in my approach to books since beginning this journey. At first, I found it so difficult to answer the questions but now it's almost second nature to think about them while I'm reading, noting things that stand out - even applying the questions to movies we watch! It's been quite a journey!

    1. I agree. It helps to have those questions on your mind while you read, so you are answering them as they come up. And I think TWEM trains a reader to think accordingly. I've been doing the same with movies, too.