Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Great Gatsby: the most awful chapter

Chapter VII

Oh, this is awful!  Things change at Gatsby’s since Daisy came back into his life: no more parties!  That’s not the awful part; this is: Tom and Daisy invite Nick over, and he finds Jordan and Gatsby there, also.  Tension is in the air, and Tom is suspicious about Gatsby and Daisy; Daisy even whispers to Gatsby that she loves him.  

To ease the tension or heat, they ride into the City.  Oddly, Gatsby and Daisy drive Tom’s car, and Tom, Nick, and Jordan drive in Gatsby’s yellow coupĂ©.  First, Tom stops at Wilson’s for gas, and he learns from Wilson that he knows of Mrytle’s infidelity, though not with whom, and he is taking her out West in a few days.  Nick realizes that there is no difference between poor or rich men, because Tom, who is wealthy, is now in the same position as Mr. Wilson, who is poor. 

In the City, the group meets at the Plaza Hotel, and Tom confronts Gatsby about his shady past.  Gatsby challenges Tom and tells him that Daisy has never loved him, Tom, but that she loves him, Gatsby.  “She only married you because I was poor…”  Gatsby wants Daisy to admit the truth, but she hesitates, and it is obvious to Tom that she’s not going back to Gatsby.  Tom is confident of it and even sends her home with Gatsby in Gatsby’s yellow coupĂ©.

Then on the way home, the Tom, Nick, and Jordan stop at Wilson’s because there was an accident.  Myrtle Wilson was struck and killed by a car that kept going.  It was a yellow car. 

Tom is in shock, and he thinks he knows it is Gatsby.  They head to Tom’s house, and Tom calls a cab for Nick.  While Nick waits outside for the cab, Gatsby appears and tells Nick what happened.  Nick guesses that Daisy was driving; Gatsby says he will take the blame for her.

Gatsby wants to wait in case any trouble comes to Daisy.  Nick assures Gatsby that Tom is not thinking about Daisy.  But Nick checks anyway, and she is in fine company with Tom.  Nonetheless, Gatsby will not leave until he knows Daisy has gone safely to bed. 


Fanda Classiclit said...

Do you think Daisy confided to Tom that it's her who has driven the yellow car?

Ruth said...

Good question. I think she was quite capable of keeping it private. Surely Tom may not have wanted to bring up the accident since it was his lover who was killed, so they may have both been quiet the remainder of the night.