Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It’s time for the Second Annual "And the Winners Are…" Awards

           Here I unsystematically evaluate ten titles that I have read since my last ten and reward them fictitious awards accordingly.  (Awards are based on my trivial opinion, which hardly carries any weight in the world of bookish critique; it is just another excuse to have small fun in the world of hefty reading.)  Feel free to applaud or throw popcorn.

The Well-Educated Mind Ten, and then some
And the winners are...

Crime and Punishment – Most Memorable
Anna Karenina – Most Favorite Mature Novel
The Return of the Native – Almost Did Not Return; But Glad I Did
The Portrait of a Lady – Most Detestable Villain Ever
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Most Serious Subject Disguised as Adventure
The Red Badge of Courage – Most Introspective
Heart of Darkness – Most Difficult to Award
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Most Pleasantly Enjoyable
The Crucible – Most Emotionally Involved Read
The Hobbit – Absolutely Most Adventurous and Entertaining

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  1. Hmmm . . . your award for "The Portrait of a Lady" makes me want to finish it. I'm in the middle of that novel, and I've gotten a bit sidetracked in finishing it.

    Currently, the most detestable villain I've read is the Count from "The Woman in White."

    1. Portrait of a Lady became tedious for me until about chapter 20 or something like that. But Gilbert Osmond really irked me almost from the beginning. He's wicked! Frankly, it did not help either when I learned that John Malkovich played Osmond in the film version.