Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anna Karenina: The Movie

Anna Karenina 2012
As I have mentioned in my previous post for Heart of Darkness regarding "Apocalypse Now," this is a book blog, and I do not do movie reviews; and, yet, here I go again with another late movie review: this one is of "Anna Karenina," which came out in 2012.

Well, it is not really a movie review, but rather a friendly opinion to those thinking about seeing the movie and skipping the book.

I finished Anna Karenina last year, and I was apprehensive about seeing the 2012 version of the film because I had enjoyed the book so much.  From the trailer, I was not sure about the theatrical presentation of the story.

Yet, I decided against good instincts to rent it from Amazon Instant Video for $4.99.  Here is my honest opinion: within the first few minutes of the opening scene, I actually began to ponder about the return policy of Amazon's Instant Video.  "I wonder how complicated returns are for Instant Video?"

It was such a disappointment, as I did watch it all the way through reluctantly.  In my opinion, the theatrical presentation does not work for this solemn and intricate plot.  Seriously, I began to worry that those who watched the film without reading the book first would now never care to read the book because the movie completely ruined the story!

If you have never read Anna Karenina, if you are intimidated by its size, if you think the shorter movie version would satisfy your curiosity, I would beg you to put aside your concerns, make time for the book, and don't waste $4.99 on the movie.   If you need more proof, read the reviews for the film first; had I done so, I would not have rented it at all.


Unknown said...

Too bad you didn't like it. I'm kind of curious about the movie - but not curious enough to spend money on it. :)

Ruth said...

If you are curious, then wait until a friend happens to have a copy so you can borrow it. It was so disappointing!