Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Red Badge of Courage: Most Important Event

Grammar Stage: What is the book’s most important event (when the main character changes)?

            Henry has romantic ideas about war; but throughout the story he experiences an array of emotions and ideas that change with each battle; each event is significant to his coming-of-age.    However, it isn’t until after he runs from a battle and rejoins his regiment that there is an obvious difference.  He is injured, but not because of his bravery; he admits that he has not earned the red badge of courage.  

Calico Ghost Town 2013 Civil War Re-Enactment
      When the enemy attacks again, Henry responds with wrath and fearlessness against the enemy, impressing his commanding officer and comrades.  It builds his confidence, that by the next battle he takes charge and fights "like a hero."  

            After this event, he admits that he has made mistakes, but even with those errors, he believes he can still be considered a man.  Mistakes and correction are part of the process to being a man.

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