Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Isabel is miserable. No kidding!

Chapter 41 - 44
     Now the reader learns that Isabel knows she must choose marital duty over her own desires, which makes her miserable.  Whatever her husband wants, she must support because it is her object to please him.  When Osmond learns of Lord Warburton’s interest in Pansy, he favors this union and expects Isabel to make it happen.
     Isabel reflects on her marriage and realizes that she imagined that she was in love with Osmond; unfortunately, he only esteems his social status and high society.  In the beginning, he really detested that Isabel was an individual with her own ideas about life, and he only wanted to control her.
     One night, Isabel escorts Pansy to a ball, and she watches Pansy dance, although Osmond has forbidden Rosier to dance with her.  When Warburton arrives, he suggests to Isabel that he is still in love with her, and he seeks to be close to her by marrying Pansy.  Isabel advises him to send his letter to Osmond requesting Pansy’s hand in marriage.
     Meanwhile, it is Henrietta Stockpole to the rescue!  She reveals to Countess Gemini that she is concerned for Isabel’s happiness.  They are going to visit Isabel.  Stockpole also calls on Casper Goodwood to ask him a favor to help her help Isabel.  He reluctantly agrees and escorts Henrietta to Rome.

To be continued…

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