I Am a Plain Jane

Oh, look!  It's Jane.....in gray. 
Jane Eyre by Uneekdolldesigns
Ah, I am such a Plain Jane.  You know, I never knew what that meant until I read Jane Eyre.  Yes, that's me.  I have been wanting to make changes to my blog for some time now since I was not happy with the flowery, yellow wallpaper; I don't even like flowery wallpaper.

Unfortunately, I had technical difficulties in Blogger, which I thought were due to my inability to comprehend technical issues, but apparently I was not the only one.  Nonetheless, I finally managed to solve the problem today only to change my blog back to a mesmerizing, thrilling, and entrancing gray color.  I cannot help it.  This is really me: plain.

Now I can stop fretting and get back to reading The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James.  For now, I have read six chapters, and I am still meeting the characters and getting background information.  I won't say anymore because I tend to be a spoiler on details; I probably should keep my summaries to myself and find another way to write about it.  Note to self: find a way to write summaries on blog without giving away the whole story.   Check!

 Speaking of Henry James, Uneekdolldesigns has a miniature of this American author.


  1. I love your summaries. When I finish a title, I go back and reread my journal entries. When I think to myself, "What was I trying to say?", I come to your blog to reread your summaries and clear up my confusion.
    (and I like gray.)

  2. Well, thank you kindly, Christine. I want to write out my summaries, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone; so maybe I should use warnings if I continue to post details.

  3. Hmm...I think I will keep posting my summaries because it helps me in working on the inquiries at the end. I think people know automatically that my posts (the summary posts) contain spoilers, it's just too obvious with the chapters break down. I used to scratch down my summaries in a notebook, then type it to a post. That way I have neat summaries of them :).

    Unlike you, grey is probably the dullest color for me. I like warmer colors like brown or beige, but in general my favorite is red :)

    1. Fanda, Since you are ahead of me, I cannot read your summaries as you write them, but I like to review them once i pass that point in the book. I actually like to read another reader's summation.

  4. I think a plain background is less distracting. Gray is cool and sophisticated and goes really well with your blue header and links. I love it!

    Please don't stop writing your wonderful summaries. You are such an inspiration. Like Christine, my summaries often don't make sense to me when I reread them!
    You've taught me a lot about being consistent and thorough through this process.

    1. Well, thank you, Adriana. I respect Christine's, Fanda's, and your opinion. I found that there is just no way around it: I have to do some kind of summary b/c I am using my blog as my commonplace book, which is to keep notes of what I read.