Monday, December 17, 2012

The Return of the Native: Book Sixth


A couple of years have passed since the deaths of Eustacia and Damon.  Clym, Thomasin, and baby Eustacia share Mrs. Yeobright’s home.  Clym contemplates approaching Thomasin about becoming his wife - not in a romantic fashion, but in a way to make up for his past disobedience to his mother since she did have a desire to see Clym and Thomasin marry in the first place, and they both went against her wishes.  But before he can even present it, Thomasin shares her interest in Diggory, who has quit his work as a reddleman and has been showing interest in her.  Clym does not want to interfere; hence he reluctantly gives his blessing, and Thomasin and Diggory are married.  Hence, Clym goes on to live a blah life on the Heath. 

Maybe I should not say blah because more specifically he went on to live as a preacher-type going from place to place to lecture the people on moral issues.  

I did not prefer this ending since I wanted Clym and Thomasin to marry.   Diggory was a decent guy, but he was obscure and distant and strange.  I knew Clym, and I thought he was a suitable guy with worthy qualities.  He seemed to genuinely care for Thomasin and appeared a little broken-hearted about Diggory winning her attention.  But according to Hardy, the readers wanted to see Thomasin and Diggory marry.  I guess I did not make the connection.  Did anyone else want to see Thomasin and Clym marry?

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