Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crime and Punishment: Part Six

Part Six Summary

Razumikhin visits Raskolnikov

Razumikhin ponders Raskolnikov’s mental stability, but after a meeting with him, he is convinced that he is not mad.  Razumikhin tells him that he heard Nikolai confessed to the murders and that Porfiry considers it. 

Porfiry visits Raskolnikov

After Razumikhin leaves him, Porfiry visits Rask and admits playing mind games with him in order to get a confession.  After all, Rask only wrote an article on the right to murder, fainted at the police station at the sound of the word murder, and displayed a strange interest in the murders with Zametov. 

However, Profiry is not convinced completely in Nikolai, and he still thinks Raskolnikov is the real murderer, if only he had more evidence.  He tells Rask to leave a note divulging the location of the stolen goods in the event Rask feels compelled to commit suicide. 

Raskolnikov visits Svidrigailov

Raskolnikov then visits Svidrigailov, who I think probably is a creep, and threatens him in the event  he plans to use blackmail in order to get to Dunia, since Svid eludes to know Rask’s secret.  Svid shares more information than we really need to know about his personal life, and Rask is rightly concerned for his sister’s well-being.

Dunia visits Svidrigailov

Sure enough, after Svidrigailov eludes Raskolnikov, he convinces Dunia to meet with him in order to reveal the truth about Raskolnikov’s crime, which she refuses to believe.  But knowing how much she loves her brother, Svid tells her that he can help Raskolnikov escape punishment if she will marry him.  She rejects his romantic proposal and pulls out a gun, aims, and misses twice! 

Svidrigailov visits Sonia

Finally, Svidrigailov visits Sonia one last time, gives her money, and tells her to use it to follow Raskolnikov to Siberia if he eventually confesses.  He tells everyone that he is going to America.  That night he has very strange dreams, which I will not describe here, and the next morning he shoots himself in the head with the gun Dunia tried to kill him with.

Raskolnikov finally visits his mother

Meanwhile, Raskolnikov sees his mother and tells her that he has always loved her very much.  He wants to be reassured that whatever she hears about him she will always love him, too, which of course she does. 

Dunia is waiting to visit Raskolnikov

When he returns to his apartment, Dunia is there, and he informs her that he is going to confess; but he argues that he did not commit a crime because he killed a “vile, noxious insect.”  He only failed in his theory. 

Once she leaves, he contemplates how his mother and sister could love him when he does not deserve their love.

Rasolnikov takes up his cross and confesses his crime

Before Raskolnikov goes to confess his crime, he meets with Sonia to “take up his cross.”  (She gives him Lizaveta’s copper cross to wear.) 

At the station, he first learns that Zametov is no longer working there; and then he hears that Svidrigailov has committed suicide.  This seems like another opening or escape for Raskolnikov, but when he runs out of the station, he is confronted by Sonia who is like his conscience.  He turns around and returns to Ilia Petrovich to tell him that he was the one who murdered Aliona Ivanovna and Lizaveta Ivanovna. 

This is not the end though.  Stayed tuned for the Epilogue...

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