Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crime and Punishment: Part Four Summary

It is taking me so long to get through C&P!  I have only now finished Part Four.  I thought I would have been done with the entire book last week.  Didn't happen obviously!  I am not liking any dialogue involving that Porfiry character.  Also, I am leaving so much out of my summaries - sorry!  I do C&P no justice as these Dostoevsky plots and subplots are full to the brim.  It is a challenge to keep it simple.

Part Four Summary

Svidrigailov, Dunya’s old boss, arrives in Petersburg seeking assistance from Raskolnikov to get Dunya to speak to him and to break up her marriage to what’s-his-face.  Rask is not going for it, but there is money involved, so he probably will tell Dunya.

Svidrigailov is a creep!

Raskolnikov and Razumikhim arrive at the family meeting with Luzhin, which, long story short, ends with Dunya kicking Luzhin out, although he thinks he’ll get her back. By the way, terrible things were discussed about Svidrigailov; he sounds like a serious creep!

The author reveals Luzhin’s thinking, which is to “rescue” Dunya from her poverty and make her his slave.  Raskolnikov leaves the meeting telling his mother and sister not to look for him.  He tells Razumikhim to take care of them for him.

Enter Sonia or Sofia...finally!

Rask goes to see Sonia.  She lives by herself and is very poor.  She was fond of Lizaveta.  Rask wants her to run away with him.  And before he leaves he tells her that he may return the next day and reveal who Lizaveta’s killer was????  Meanwhile, Svidrigailov, who has been staying in the same building since arriving in Petersburg, has been listening on the other side of the door to the entire conversation.  It's a small world!

Does anyone else find this man irritating?

Raskolnikov goes to see Porfiry.  Rask thinks he is playing a psychological game with him and he loses his self-control; Porfiry reveals that he knows Rask went to the murder scene, and then he tries to trick him into admitting that he sent Razumikhim to get information out of him.  Just then, something they both least expect happens.

Nikolai, the man being held in connection to the murders enters the office and confesses to the murders.  Profiry tells Rask he still needs to question him more, but for now he sends him away.  Then the man who called Raskolnikov a murderer meets up with Rask and tells him that he was present during his meeting with Profiry and has a different opinion of him now.  He lived in the same building as the pawnbroker and was there when Rask questioned the painters about the blood.

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