Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And the winners are...

Something prompted me to read The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer early in January, and the next thing I knew I started reading.  I have always loved to read books, especially histories and biographies, but I never had an interest in fiction or poetry.  After reading and following The Well-Trained Mind as a homeschool resource, also by Bauer, I started to read the classics with my children.  But I still did not know how to evaluate what I read.  Reading TWEM has prepared me how to dig into a story and get something out of it.

Since January, I have been following Bauer's suggestions, and thus far I have read ten titles.   Some of them are my favorites, and some are not so, but all receive a reaction from my point of view based on my personal experiences; and here they are:

Don Quixote:  Most Entertaining
Pilgrim's Progress:  Most Enlightening
Guliver's Travels:  Absolute Strangest
Pride and Prejudice:  Second Most Enjoyable
Oliver Twist:  Most Surprising Reaction
Jane Eyre:  First Most Enjoyable
The Scarlet Letter:  Most Disappointing Reread
Moby-Dick:  Most Controversial
Uncle Tom's Cabin:  Most Relevant
Madame Bovary:  Most Difficult Subject


  1. What a great idea! Isn't it fun to see all the finished books?

  2. Yes. And when I started DQ, it looked like it would be forever before I would have gotten this far.