What if Harriet Beecher Stowe made a case against abortion instead of slavery?

In my previous post, I claimed that an aspect of slavery exists today where one group treats another group as property.  That aspect is present in abortion.

At the time of Dred Scott, no blacks in America had legal standing as persons in the court because they were considered property, and the Constitution protected slaveholders’ rights to their property.  In the case of abortion, the Constitution defends a woman’s right to her body as her property, and therefore, if she does not want what is growing inside, she has the right to have it removed.  The human life in her womb in not a person; it is her property. 

What would it look like if Ms. Stowe argued her case against abortion using her case against slavery?  Remember, similar arguments are laid out in my Final Inquiries for the slavery dispute.  I only changed the argument here to focus on abortion.

Slavery is immoral and must be abolished immediately.
Abortion is immoral and must be eradicated immediately. 
Abortion is a demeaning procedure for women, a violent end for her unborn baby, and rejection of a father’s responsibility.  It is a vehement practice by those who provide the service, and the corrupt business practices are either covered up or protected under the Constitution. 

Christians cannot support slavery. 
Christians cannot support abortion.
Children are a heritage from the Lord.  Scripture tells us that He knew us before we were born, and He knit us in our mother’s womb.  We are made in His image - in His likeness. 

God is in control of all things, and man does not have the right to take life according to his own will.  Abortion is murder, and murder is a sin.  Therefore, if a Christian supports abortion, he has an improper perception of God's law.

Christians cannot remain silent or look away; it is his duty to stand for righteousness.  Christians must obey God’s laws, which are above their nation’s laws.  Who else is going to speak for the defenseless? 

Americans cannot support slavery.
Americans cannot support abortion.
The Declaration of Independence revels our unique character: Americans recognize that all persons enjoy the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, which come directly from God, not government, and cannot be taken away, unless in violation of law.  Abortion proponents believe these rights are proscribed through government and then only pertain to a specific group.  This contradicts any idea that is truly American.

Slavery hardens and corrupts the hearts of men.
Abortion hardens and corrupts the hearts of men.
Abortion is no longer shameful, and it permits people to be selfish by putting their 
needs before others. 

Abortion distorts ideas about unborn babies, pregnancy, sex, and marriage.  People fight for the right to abort, and fear if abortion becomes illegal, then their own lives and future will be threatened.  Also, abortion is a lucrative business, so greed motivates those who provide its service.

Slavery causes slaves to commit moral injustice.
Abortion causes people to commit moral injustice.
Abortion encourages irresponsible behavior because life at its early stages is disposable:  one may abort if the baby is not a preferred sex, deformed, or has a health condition; or maybe there are too many fetuses; or the elderly or infirm are not worthy of maintaining life; or maybe someone who has a feeding tube is not worth life: remember Terri Schiavo?

Blacks have souls, too.
Unborn babies have souls, too.
While the Bible is silent on the fate of babies who die through abortion or miscarriage, we do know that God is merciful toward those who are not capable of knowing the Gospel, such as the mentally handicap, young children, and babies.  When King David lost his newborn son, he stopped mourning because he knew he would be reunited with him at the resurrection.  

Science has maintained that human life begins at conception, though abortion proponents have worked to change that by stating life begins at implantation in order to ease the RU486 concern.  But a living being already forming in utero began ten days before implantation.  If we are created in the likeness of God, and that likeness begins at conception, and since God makes no mistakes and does everything with purpose, I believe that an unborn baby is already equipped with a soul and is able to be redeemed and go to heaven.

Would HBS agree?  I have no idea!  But frankly, it works for me.  Like slavery, abortion is a grave evil that is making America's soul sick.  Will it take another civil war to end its practice?  I pray not.  God help us!


  1. This is an excellent comparison! Abolitionists were told that slabery was a personal matter that they had no right to say anything about. Slave owners argued that blacks were not people, less than human.
    The spirit of slavery is alive today, as Planned Parenthood has its roots in eugenics. Founder Margaret Sanger said that poor minorities were merciful in killing their children, and that society would be made pure and crime diminish if those "morons" and "imbeciles" were sterilized.
    Planned Parenthood started as the American Birth Control League. They changed their name after controversy when ADOLPH HITLER commended them for sharing his eugenic principles!
    The Holocaust has been going on since 1973. Slavery is alive and well. Wake up, Abolitonists! join the movement!

  2. This post is so interesting and thought provoking. Never thought about this comparison. (I just discovered your blog and I loved it! Your project of being self-taught is very ambitious and one I'd like to take up myself).

  3. Ruth, I applaud your courage for writing this post. I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's sad how people think, "Oh, I would never do something as atrocious as own a slave" but they think nothing of reducing children to "a choice." Bravo!