Sunday, July 29, 2012

Uncle Tom's Cabin: Another Mother's Story

Chapter XXXIII – Cassy
In the field, Tom notices a new servant, Lucy, struggling to do her portion of work, so he adds some of his cotton to her bag; meanwhile, Cassy, a servant with a more favorable position on the plantation, witnesses Tom helping the woman and helps Tom by adding to his bag.  However, the two drivers also witness what has occurred and disclose to Legree what they saw.  To break them both in, Legree commands Tom to whip Lucy, but Tom won’t do it.  Therefore, Legree beats Tom and then has Sambo and Quimbo flog Tom.

Cassy Ministering to Uncle Tom after His Whipping
Chapter XXXIV – The Quadroon’s Story
After the flogging, Cassy tends to him while discouraging him from doing anything righteous because it is not worth it.   She tells Tom of how she ended up at Legree’s: her father, being white, died, and she became someone’s mistress in which they had two children together; when he left her for someone else, she and her children were sold to another man, who sold her children; then she was sold to another man whom she had another child with, and this one she killed with poison because it was too painful to see her children sold into slavery; and, finally, she was passed around by more men until she ended up with Legree.

Chapter XXXV – The Tokens
Sambo finds Tom’s tokens – a lock of Eva’s hair and the coin that young Master George gave him – and gives them to Legree thinking they are from witches; but Legree is spooked about the hair, which he throws in the fire, because it reminds him of his mother who was a good woman and tried to lead him to the things of God.  Legree chose to follow in his father’s footsteps - a vile and violent man.  When his mother died, he received a lock of her hair and a letter stating the she forgave him, which is why the sight of the lock of hair haunts him to his very core.

Chapter XXXVI – Emmeline and Cassy
Cassy and Emmeline discuss what good a mother is to a slave if your soul belongs to whoever owns you.  Cassy tells Legree to leave Tom alone, but Legree is so full of pride that he visits Tom and threatens him again.  Tom tells Legree that he will be a faithful and true servant and work hard, but that he is not afraid to die because “it’ll only send me sooner where I want to go.”  

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