Monday, July 30, 2012

Tom's Prayers Are Answered

Chapter XXXVII – Liberty
George, Eliza, and their son Harry are still at the home of another Quaker, who is also caring for Tom Loker; he is now hopeful to see the family escape the hands of their pursuers.  Eliza, who must cut her hair and don men’s clothing, while Harry is dressed as a little girl, elude the presence of Marks as they board a boat that ferries them many hours up the river to Canada, until they reach their destination and are taken to another Christian home where they find a safe haven. 
"Is not the sense of liberty a higher and a finer one than any of the five?”

The Arrival in Canada - Bayot, Adolphe Jean-Baptiste

Chapter XXXVIII – The Victory
Tom struggles deeply with his faith until Legree challenges Tom to join his church.  Then Tom clearly see the glory of the Lord before him: “in the joy that filled him, he no longer felt hunger, cold, degradation, disappointment, wretchedness.”  Meanwhile, Sambo instigates the conflict between Tom and Legree by suggesting that Tom is considering running away because he sings about his liberty in Christ.  Legree confronts Tom, but no matter how much he pushes him, Legree realizes he cannot break Tom because God is protecting him. 

Later, since Cassy cannot convince Tom to kill Legree, free his slaves, and runaway, she says she’ll do it; but Tom tries to convince her to suffer through, love her enemies, and be patient for God’s victory.  He begs her to pray for faith, and she says she will. 

Chapter XXXIX – The Stratagem
Instead, Cassy conjures up a plan to convince Legree that his evil past has come back to haunt him in the garret of the house, and he believes her.  She and Emmeline leave in the night while Legree is out of the house, causing a search through the swamp, but without success because the women returned to the garret to hide out until the right time comes.

Chapter XL – The Martyr
Another day of searching ends in failure, and Legree takes his frustration and hatred out on Tom.  Sambo and Quimbo obediently bring Tom to Legree who demands Tom tell him what he knows about the missing women, but Tom would not tell; therefore Legree “smote him to the ground.”  In his pitiful state, he was taken care of by the servants and dress his wounds in hope to preserve his life, while Sambo and Quimbo repent of what they have done; Tom forgives them and begs God to give him just two more souls; and He does.

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