Monday, July 23, 2012

Slavery Only Ends in Misery

Chapter XI – In Which Property Gets Into An Improper State of Mind
A Kentucky hotel: here the author describes the typical Kentuckian, “the frankest, easiest, and most jovial creature,” while a few are gathered around a advertisement for a runaway slave: George (Eliza’s husband).  Mr. Wilson, the manufacturer, who hired George to work for him until his master removed him, is there at the hotel, when a young man calls on him to speak with him privately in his room.  It is George in disguise, and he informs Mr. Wilson of his plan to go to Canada and gives him a pin to give Eliza and to tell her never to go back to slavery.  “Slavery only ends in misery!”

Chapter XII – Select Incident of Lawful Trade
Before Haley and Tom attend the slave market, they stop for the night, and Tom must spend his night in a jail.  The next day, at the slave market, Haley, who prides himself on being so humane, buys several more slaves, including a fourteen-year old male, separating him from his poor mother.  Next, Haley and his slaves board an Ohio river boat headed down south, in which one female slave jumps overboard in the night after having her infant taken from her. 

Chapter XIII – The Quaker Settlement
If you do not already know from the title of the chapter, Eliza is in the care of a very loving Quaker establishment, and there she receives joyful news of her husband, George, who is expected to arrive at this very house for the night; and when he does arrive, it is as a dream to Eliza.  The next day, George and Eliza sit as equals at the table with their Quaker friends, who assure them safe passage this night to the next stand.

Chapter XIV – Evangeline
Aboard the Ohio river boat, Tom has gained the favor of Haley, who has removed the fetters from his ankles, and has become a helpmate to the other slaves through his loyalty and attentiveness.  Also aboard are Mr. St. Clare, a well-to-do gentleman from New Orleans, and Evangeline, Eva for short, his mischievous and spirited daughter, who befriends Tom, which is a good thing because when the boat stops for a pickup, Eva accidentally falls into the river and Tom saves her, which is also a good thing because the following day Mr. St. Clare purchases Tom from Haley.

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