Monday, July 16, 2012

Moby-Dick: It is Done!

The Epilogue of Moby-Dick is complete, but it was not without some trials.  In the middle of Chapter 132 there was a major flood in our bathroom, and a plumber had to be called.  The tall cabinet that sits in front of the "clean-out" had to be emptied of all our heavy school books and supplies so I could move it out of the way.  The plumber came, did his job, and left just in time for me to start dinner.  Chapter 133 would have to wait.

While I was grilling the meat and corn and making a salad, I perused through chapter 133 and 134; and since dinner was ready, chapter 135 sat idle.  After dinner clean up, I had to return the cabinet to its usual spot and replace the school books and supplies.  I even vacuumed.  Now, the question was: could I fit in the final chapter and epilogue before bedtime without any interruptions?  No, of course not.  But eventually I did finish both and just in time for my three-year old to fall off a chair, hit her head, and need ice.

What's next?  Post summaries that are already written and write the remaining chapter summaries.  Instead of writing a summary after each chapter, I have been underlining or highlighting and writing notes in margins as I read and then returning to each chapter to write out a few sentences about the most important events.

And I have a lot of questions about Moby-Dick, so I am going to need a few days of research before I post my final inquires.  Meanwhile, I am wondering if there is a decent film version of MD.  If anyone knows of one, please suggest.  I'd like to see it.

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