Saturday, July 21, 2012

God's Curse on Slavery

Chapter V – Showing the Feelings of Living Property on Changing Owners
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby discuss Mr. Shelby’s decision to sell both Tom and Harry, extremely upsetting Mrs. Shelby that she refers to the circumstance as, “…God’s curse on slavery!”  Meanwhile, Eliza, who was eavesdropping, must act quickly; therefore, she packs a few items, leaves a note for Mrs. Shelby, stops by Uncle Tom’s Cabin to tell Chloe and Tom that she is leaving with Harry, and that Tom was sold, too.  Chloe recommends that Tom leave, too, but he has never caused his master to mistrust him.

Chapter VI – Discovery
Immediately it is discovered that Eliza has taken Harry in the night, and Mrs. Shelby is relieved and grateful; however, Mr. Shelby realizes this is a complicated predicament because Harry is Haley’s property now, and he has just arrived to take both Tom and Harry with him.  Now a search must ensue, and two other hands, Andy and Sam, are employed to help Mr. Haley with the search, although they do all they can to stall the event because they are aware that Mrs. Shelby is eager for Eliza to escape.

Chapter VII – The Mother’s Struggle
 If it were your Harry…that were going to be torn from you by a brutal trader, to-morrow morning…and you had only from twelve o’clock till morning to make good your escape – how fast could you walk?”  
Eliza carries her son through the night, and when she comes to the Ohio River, which is frozen in chunks of ice, she stops at a dwelling to inquire of a passage across.   There she and Harry are able to rest until someone is to take them across that evening; however, Mr. Haley, Andy, and Sam have caught up to Eliza, and as she sees them, she takes Harry and escapes across the ice, where she is received by Mr. Symmes, a farmer, whom she knows, and he points her to another home nearby where she will be taken in safely.

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