Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eliza Escapes, and Tom is in God's Hands

Chapter VIII – Eliza’s Escape
After Haley observes Eliza's successful flight to the other side, he returns to the tavern where an acquaintance of his, Mr. Tom Loker, has just arrived with his partner, Marks.  Haley informs them of his misfortune, after which the men discuss the complication with female slaves and selling their children, and, since Loker and Marks are in the “catching trade,” that is, searching for runaway slaves, they offer their services to Haley.  Meanwhile, Sam and Andy return to Shelby’s and disclose the wonderful news of Eliza’s escape.

Chapter IX – In Which it Appears That a Senator is But a Man
This chapter really touched my heart because it deals with the loss of a child.  Over seven years ago I miscarried at 4 months, and none of that even matters because a mother always has a bond with her child that will never diminish.  And stories like these, fictional or real, will always touch the heart and bring tears.

Senator Bird (of Ohio) admits to his wife, Mary, that a new law, which he supported, has passed forbidding anyone from helping slaves escaping from Kentucky.  Mary calls it “cruel and unchristian” to not help someone in need, although Senator Bird argues for the public good.  But it’s a small world, and suddenly Eliza and Harry arrive at their door, and they are obliged to help her.  With a soft heart, Senator Bird takes Eliza and Harry in poor weather through the night to another home of an ex-slave owner, John Van Trompe, who takes in runaway slaves

Chapter X – The Property is Carried Off
This is Uncle Tom’s last day at Shelby’s:  Tom is steadfast in his faith as he assures Chloe that he is in God’s hands; though it is a fact that no slave wants to be sold down south.  Meanwhile, Shelby, regretting his decision, is not present when Haley arrives to pick up Tom.  Haley puts him in shackles in the event he considers running, although everyone knows Tom is faithful.  Finally, young George Shelby catches up with Tom, when Haley stops to have a pair of cuffs repaired, to tell Tom goodbye.

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